Happy New Year - Nightmare New Year.

Hello I'm Clo!

This is my first post of 2014!

Happy New Year - Nightmare New Year.

My new year was categorically a nightmare. It failed on most accounts of anticipation. So called 'Friends' let others down, venues closed earlier than accepted. I got blisters, sores and was very cold. Overall I spent most of my early 2014 in a very packed, 24 hour Mcdonalds with the rest of the Worcester late night wonderers.

Ex Boyfriend issues took over at three in the morning when he was spotted by myself, my best friend and my mother (Of all people) going home with one of my friends. What is wrong with the world?
It all was very upsetting however it was all sorted swiftly and calmly within 24 hours. (Who knew not shouting was the way forward!?)

On a more positive note I caught up with lots of my friends who I hadn't seen for a while, bumped into some others and made the most of the situation.
6am I managed to get to sleep, Lizzie (My Bestfriend) is currently staying with me over the holiday and due to our raw emotional state slumped in the bed blankets, duvets and all. It was a rough night. Typical new years.

When I awoke this morning - the drama continued however today has proved that best friends really do help in times of crisis. I wouldn't have coped without her.
After tidying the now pit like room that I call my bedroom at 3pm (We woke up at 2pm) Lizzie and I decided to kick start the year as we mean to go on, get out, do something and with our friendship motto being YOLO we jumped into Lizzie's car and went for a drive.

Over Christmas Lizzie bought a (Pink!) polaroid camera which she captured our night on as well as our random girly antics. (Video coming soon!)  Out of film we went from shop to shop to find the correct instant film. Film in hand and a new monopod for me and my camera (YouTube filming resumes soon! ) We rocked up in true style to Mcdonalds to grab a bite, connect to wifi and mill over thoughts, opinions and ideas. It's good to talk and good to let raw emotion shine through to someone you trust. A problem shared really is a problem halved.

Safe to say the 20 Chicken nuggets were a bad idea, the heart to heart sombre chat went down a treat and worked wonders.
Patching things up from last night with the ex really helped the way I felt about everything. The truth does come out eventually. (It's all good!) Getting things off my chest made me feel revitalized and re-energized just how a new year should feel.

With Thorntons chocolates in hand, a full belly and Bridget Jones on the telly it for me has been a great day, Lizzie's sleeping in her Giraffe onesie (Tired after too much laughing!) and I'm about to write in my 2014 diary come journal Bridget Jones style.

Back to work tomorrow.

I hope you all had a great New Years Eve and a good start to 2014. The year is looking bright.

Lots of love, toodle pip!

Clo : )

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