Holla Boots Vouchers! | Hello I’m Clo

Holla Boots Vouchers! | Hello I’m Clo

Hello I'm Clo!
A very welcome gift dropped through my letter box this morning. I love getting stuff through the post and I love it even more when it’s not from the bank!

There are many benefits to signing up for a boots card, or any other in-store points card for that matter. Let me just clarify I’m on about a card where you get rewarded for spending your money in whichever store. A reward card. Not one where it’s a credit card.  I’ve had a boots card for a few years now and although boots is considered a more expensive drug store I’ve saved a ton of wonga over the years and got lots of free stuff because of it!

So when a letter from boots dropped through the letterbox with a big slogan of “£9 worth of vouchers inside” I was sold. Whatever was within the letter was going to be used. I do love a bargain.  If you too are a boots club card holder you’ll get this in the post too!

It’s the perfect time of year to pamper yourself and relax, with new resolutions comes rejuvenation! New Years resolution number three for me was to ‘Chill my beans’ more aka take time out and do more of the things I love, other than work.  Pampering ticks that box! 

Boots even say it themselves “ Say goodbye to those blues and hello to guilt free treatsGuilt Free Treats people! So lets delve in and see what voucher boots have got in store for us to treat ourselves with!

So those are the offers and coupons up for grabs, another good thing about these vouchers is the fact you don’t have to use them until March 2014 which allows plenty of time to strategically plan how to make the most of the vouchers and how to get the most out of your money.

You can sign up in your local boots store or online for a boots cards. Discounts, freebies and offers are available all year round.

Let me know what you’re doing with your vouchers!

Love you all lots,

Clo :- )

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