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Making the best of a bad situation. Not everything done wrong is incorrect.

It occurred to me whilst applying my make-up in the mirror this morning that make-up is often (Well it is for me ) making the best out of a bad situation.

It was whilst using my MUA brown palate I picked a different brown to the one I wanted and applied to my eye lid. I was miffed, I was obviously in a different zone, my brain else where but instead of panicking I choice to take a different route with my make up. Apply the colour to my other lid, blend, highlight and outline my eye crease and shape in what looked like an eyeliner line with another shade of brown eye shadow using a VERY firm blending brush. 

Once I’d completed my make up look it was great! A brown light eye with some white sparkle and hushed tones of darker brown to compliment my eye colour and make my eyes bright and with a POP! Factor. It just shows, taking my time and thinking on my feet meant I didn’t have a total disaster and I managed to create something I otherwise may not have ever discovered.

Not everything done wrong is incorrect. 9 times out of ten there are no ‘Incorrect’ or ‘Wrong’ ways to do things. For hair, make up and beauty there are guidelines in order to get better results and appearances, however each to their own. Take foundation for instance; my friend Abbey prefers to use her fingers, I was all for the ‘go to’ ‘professional technique’ of using an acorn shape sponge, that was until I tried the real techniques brushes! (I’ll fill you in on those soon!)

Make-Up is supposed to be fun! Don’t take it too seriously and don’t panic if something goes wrong. It’s a learning curve and a very worthwhile one at that. Take your time and enjoy creating new looks – even if you didn’t plan them!

I always find keeping cool helps, even in a rush. Take black eyeliner for instance. It’s a nightmare to get off if you go wonky, uneven or if you smudge it. Keeping cool and breathing steadies your arms and helps you keep focus on drawing a straight (Ish) line and not stabbing yourself in the eye. (Not a chic look unless you’re a pirate.)

People make silly little mistakes all the time. Putting the spoon in the wash before actually stirring your tea, loosing your new foundation before you’ve even got it back from the shops, selecting the brown eye shadow next to the one you actually planned to wear. Trivial little things, that are in no way life or death situations. 

Recently I’ve been trying to turn everything that seems ‘Negative’ on the surface into something really positive. We’re forever evolving as individuals , learning and making mistakes. It’s how we survive. It’s what keeps us on our toes!

Until tomorrow,

Love you lots!


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