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Hello I'm Clo!

Today is a super exciting day! Today I released my first ever YouTube make up tutorial! I'm so pleased. It may have been a bitch to film, a nightmare to edit and a bit patchy and blipy here and there but I'm really pleased that I did it.

Just a few short years ago I would never have had the courage or confidence to film alone in my bedroom, let alone share it with the world that is YouTube. My video is in no way perfect but I'm excited to experiment and play with ideas, all whilst sharing my male up knowledge and training with you guys!

Here is my YouTube video. Please do take a look and let me know what you think - constructive comments are required!

Let me know what you liked and didn't like so much so I can improve! I know it's a long one, yet there are lots of info and tips included in it! 

I chose something simple to film first to get used to applying makeup on and to camera. One thing I'm hoping to improve on is eye contact with the camera, which is honestly much harder than it looks! It's so funny talking to myself on camera not knowing who will end up watching, what their lives are like, what they're going through or even where they are in the world!

This upload to me is a real milestone of my personal progress. It's something I cant really put into words, yet I feel as if by doing this today, I've started a brand new journey. I hope you'll come along for the ride.

Being a beauty fanatic, make up student and all round fashion lover, I feel that I’ve finally found something that combines all my passions with my flare for media together into something that is actually useful and beneficial!

 Although this is a little rambly. I’m LOVING life right now.

Speak tomorrow,

Love you lots,

Clo :- ))
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