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My Late Late Night Beauty Regime.

Hello I’m Clo!

So recently, as many of my regular readers will know, I’ve been having a fair few late nights – Not unusual for someone my age, however, with a business to run, college to attend and a social life to uphold all at the same time all this dashing about here there and everywhere takes its toll. On my mind, body and 7am wake up time spirit.

A couple of nights ago I went clubbing and it was whilst on my way home I notices my left eye was sagging and looking sorry for itself, when I touched it, it hurt so bad so extra care and attention was definitely needed. 

Eyes are so precious and we’re often too rough and ready on and around them. A few months back I contracted an eye infection, which turned to styes on and around my eye, which led to rough itching and irritation. I rubbed and scratched too hard and I broke a capillary on both eyelids.
A capillary is a red mark which occurs on the skin after real hard core force is used, the red line will not ever go away. There is no quick or fix for that matter for broken capillaries. Sigh.

With this in mind urgent action was needed! You might not fancy doing these steps at 3am in the morning, trying not to wake the whole house up whilst trying to ignore the cat that has, until now, ignored your existence but now is awake and wants to play.
As soon as I got home I drank a hot drink (I recommend something soothing – lemsip, honey and hot water, hot water, mint?) The hot drink keeps the body warm and refreshed, if you’ve got a lemsip to hand pop the kettle on and have one, as it’ll help from the inside.

If like me you have make-up on: this applies to heavy and light make up, glitter too. Remove your make up using warm water and a facial wash
NOT a scrub or Microdermabrasion scrub! Massage and lather up and don’t forget your neck, blending down means make up is being spread all over the place.

Make sure you remove all of your make-up and eye makeup gently, in a circular motion wash your eyes with the warm water. If there is a particular part of your eye make up that you’re struggling to shift use your ring finger on either hand and massage the make up off. Use the ring finger for anything eye related, cleaning, make up application… Because there is no excess pressure in that finger like there is in your thumbs or forefinger. We all have a tendency to be a little heavy handed from time to time.

If you’ve got sore eyes or are feeling run down like I did, bathe your eye in cold water or an eye bathing solution such as Optrex. It’s just like people say – “Prevention is much better than a cure!” Doing this step allowed my eyes to chill over night and rejuvenate whilst you sleep.  Whatever you do – don’t touch, itch or scratch it’s just bad, bad, bad – trust me!

Once you’ve done the above apply your moisturizer as normal – work it into your face and relax. These are all super important steps in order to help you settle and fall asleep, as well as helping you wake up refreshed and feeling alive (Always good) the following day!

If you’ve got any aches or pains, been out dancing/ drinking or had a very long day take a glass of water with you to bed as you’re more likely to need it.

Even though you may not feel like doing any of this – Who does at 3 in the morning!? Do it, try it and you’ll feel all the better for it and it won’t effect you the morning after!

If you’re staying over at someone’s house, use face wash if they have it, bathe your eye in tap water and ask if they’ve got any moisturizer to hand!

Those are my tips and tricks to late night beauty! We take all the time in the world to get ready, dress up and look fancy so we should take care of ourselves, our wellbeing and skin after all the partying is over!

Speak to you tomorrow!

Lots of love,

Clo :- ))
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