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My New Years Resolutions.

Hello I'm Clo!

I know, I know – it’s day three of 2014! However, for me everything poignant happens in threes, or the third. Somehow everything has something to do with threes. I have three resolutions this year.

1. Video 365
2. Blog 365
3. Chill Out More!

I’ll go into more depth on these ones in a paragraph or two time…

Most people tend to fail at the first new years hurdle due to their raging hangover, need for chocolate or typically the general excess pressure they put on themselves to follow their new regime, they crumble under their own pressure before they’ve even got started!
Lots of people don’t truly think through their new resolutions , they don’t consider the extra weight they’re adding to their lives or how it will effect those around them, that’s without the question of :
Do I really need this in my life?”

Most people go for the obvious of loosing weight, becoming a ‘Skinny Mini’ or going sober for January. But in life things are never so simply. People run on the treadmill on the 1st then look in the mirror and think –
Why am I not thin yet?”

As many of my regular readers know my life motto is Passion, Patience and Persistence and resolutions are the perfect topics to discuss Patience and persistence. If you give up too soon you’ll never reach your end goal. Many say you should make your goals ‘achievable’ but how many people have changed the world around them by reaching an ‘Achievable’ goal?

Hmmmm. You just have a think about that one ;)

Don’t always feel you have to make your goals ‘Achievable or Accessible’ however if you’re going to set a high goal you really have to bloody go for it in order to achieve it! Make a plan and stick to it! Commit.
They say 70% of people who write down their goals achieve them, 90% of people who write down their goals, tell others and visually recognize their goals in the way of notes on phones, walls, memos or visualization achieve them.

As for my own New Years Resolutions I’ve picked just three (Sticking with the theme)

This year I shall be publishing a YouTube video every single day starting filming from the 3rd January.  Covering everything from hair and beauty to hauls, OOTD, recommendations and advice. Many people have been asking when I would be starting make up tutorials. That time is now! After finishing my first term of beauty school I feel confident in the knowledge I’ve learnt and techniques I’ve been taught, expanded upon and practiced. I now feel like I’m ready to share them with the world. Publishing daily will be no mean feat. It will be hard work, but oh so worth it. I’ll be publishing a rough schedule of what will be uploaded soon! 

Along with YouTubing daily I will also be writing up / blogging my videos for those of you who prefer to read and learn better that way. I also want to keep my writing skills in check. This writing resolution will keep me in line. Once again, this resolution is all about commitment.

The third and final resolution is to chill my beans once in a while. I need down time, taking downtime wasn’t really possible last year, which left me feeling burnt out and down. This year I’m taking time off from work (ISWDYS) to do more of the things I love – like blogging. This resolution is about being prepared and having good time management – a good skill all round!

So that’s me and my new years resolutions – what are you guys doing and how is it going? Let me know in the bar below!

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