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My sudden want to travel.

Hello I'm Clo! 
First and foremost my LULU Guinness sale suitcase has indeed sold out. Charming. Perfect, Bonzer aahhhhhh. #nightmare.

Last night I found myself watching Eat, Pray, Love #cry. I found myself getting lost in the moment, encapsulated in the frame and wanting to be absorbed by the screen into the foreign lands that oh so many of us only dream of seeing with our very own eyes, first hand, in the flesh.

I want to relax more, see the world, travel and meet new people.  It’s time to grab life by the balls and just bloody go for it.

Funnily enough the beauty / make up girls want to do a holiday this year before we all go of to uni. I am totally all for it. Sand, sea and sun, is just a must for me after the year I had last year. New experiences have never been so close, with the internet everything is accessible with just a click of a button and a plane ride away.

This year I’m doing a few get-aways, trips and experiences. From girly spa days, to backpacking and trekking up a mountain. I’m not just going abroad or a long way away either - Don’t forget to explore your local towns as there is always something to explore close to home. Holiday in your town with your own friends! Museums, points of interest and concerts or stand up events.

These are some of the places I quite fancy going to:


I’m thinking rail travel. Old school but faster than 50 years ago. Hello Virgin travel!
I’m going to have a good old wonder, museums, walks and castles. A few days away to wonder through the shops, write and enjoy my own time and company. Alone time is really a great character builder a little solitude if you will. 

So I figured I can soul search at anytime anywhere and as my research on Edinburgh lengthened I figured I should have a travel companion to share the experience and history with.

So I made a call to my best friend Lizzie. We’re going in March.
I’m particularly loving the look of the Grass Market hotel which is just so cool! They have comic book wallpaper, books and is super modern, right in the heart of the city and perfect for a chilled, laid back break. 

Just take a look for yourself and tell me you don't fancy it...

Just look at that kettle!

It's right in the center of Edinburgh so an ideal location to go site seeing.

They even welcome you on your door.

 Just fine and Dandy!

The entrance to the bathroom.

Check how they keep their keys!

 This is the Grass Market's 'Chill' reception. They have WIFI. Need I say more?


I’ve loved Paris since day dot. Perhaps it’s the fantasy that a handsome Frenchman will whisk me off my feet and wear garlic and ride a bike or perhaps it’s because it’s where my parents really fell in love in the early 90’s. A real vintage thought.
My French was always a little rocky throughout school yet as soon as it wasn’t compulsory I started to lap it up and take a real, true interest.

I’m old enough now at the grand old age of Drum Roll eighteen that I can sight see solo or in a group. I don’t know if I’ll make it to Paris this year, I hope so. I’d like to visit the museums, focus on art and culture and perhaps even practice the language of lurrrve. What a beautiful thought.

New York

New York, New York. The big apple, Statue of Liberty, all the skyscrapers.
This is a new addition to the list. I think pretty much everyone wants to go to New York at some point or another. My Dad’s sudden announcement last year was very out of character (I think he’s having an old age crisis.) He announced:
“ Next year we’re going to America for three weeks.”
At the time my Mum and I just laughed, however, his commitment to his word has not faltered and it looks like it is going to happen, although I’ll only believe it when I’ve got the tickets in hand. Standard thought process really.

Somewhere super hot and sunny...

So for what should appear obvious reasons my girly holiday is going to be sunny! Yes we’ll sip cocktails, dance, party as well as chill, soak up those rays and sight see!  
Whilst ill over the past couple of days I’ve research places and possibilities. I’m thinking away from the busy places but still accessible and not too far away.
I’m already bracing myself for god early flights and cockroaches on the floors. What can I say? We’re on a budget!

I’m also turning to ‘Suitcase’ magazine for guidance and inspiration. Talking of suitcase that's what I currently need...

Where are you off to this year – let me know in the comments below and tell me where’s good to go and where to avoid!

Lots of love,

Clo : -) 
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