My Trip To Tagwell Tearooms

Monday morning arrived and the 6.03 am alarm rang. Delilah’s voice subtly awoke me. BOOM. I was awake. Published two YouTube video’s (You lucky, lucky people.) Monday is my day in the office, eating cake and tweeting. I joke, of course I do real work!
Monday for me was all about planning. I needed to go away from the office, away from the internet and knuckle down to get some ideas down on paper. Phones turned off and all that.
I thought I’d try out a new little tea rooms that has recently opened, just a short walk away from the office. Get a little peace and quiet for the day. How wrong was I.

The Tagwell tearooms, in Tagwell, Droitwich Spa is a cute little tea rooms just outside of town that’s only been open a few weeks. I’ve been wanting to give it a go, pop in for a few cakes since they started to move in in late 2013.

On my way to the tea rooms, with the shop in sight I noticed this hord of women, like a mothers meeting waiting to cross the road towards the tearooms.  They indeed crossed and pipped me to the post to the tearooms, when I got through the door I was even more irritated to find that these ladies had indeed managed to bag the last few remaining seats. It was packed! Crazy really as they haven’t been open long. They very kindly re-shuffled though to make sure I had a place to sit, which was very kind of them. 

After taking my seat and waiting for the ladies to be seated and served before I got my drink I discovered they were all part of a local belly dancing group who meet up after dancing for a chin wag and a catch up, many of the women are either single or retired and discussed at length how they love coming to the group so they’re no longer in solitude and can have a good old chin-wag.

As I got my new Parisian notebook out (See my latest post) to make some beauty notes the other ladies in the tearooms were discussing the face plans and face-paint for a production at one of the local schools I was in my element. Good courteous people, make up chat and I even bumped into one of my Bras2U customers! I was well at home and hadn’t even got up to the counter yet to get drinks! Not only was I right at home but the chair the belly dancing group gave up for me was right next to a plug – RESULT.

Often these independent tea rooms can be expensive and overpriced due to their location and lack of buying power, yet the prices in the Tagwell Tearooms were great! Even better priced than anywhere else in the town. For a pot of tea it was £1.60 and £1.50 for a handmade cupcake.

The tea was served in lovely blue china by friendly, smiley staff (I’m so over dull, lifeless faces) in a beautifully furnished shop.
Isn’t it odd how in a new or warm environment allows us to focus and concentrate, feel inspired and have a much better day.
Good company is also a real perk. Sometimes it’s from people you don’t even know, never met again.

“ It’s good for you, it’s fruit!”

Said one of the belly dancers to the other. She bought the cake.

I quietly sipped tea whilst going over my social media bits and bobs, it’s quite nice for a bit of solitude, yet in an environment where you’re able to join in conversation with strangers easily. I love meeting new people I do.

After my first cup of tea I poured my second. Whilst pouring, my cupcake was giving me the eye. The time had come to devour a little vanilla.  The rich plump icing was beautifully soft and absorbent of the base’s moisture, really light sponge.  Washed down with some sweet tea and sweet background chatter I began to write again, then to type.

“Shut the bloody door!”

The thing that struck me whilst being there was the lack of courtesy some people have. Not holding doors or shutting them and leaving their table in a mess. I would never dream of doing any of those things out or at home for that matter. It’s about time people got manners it really is.

A little while later and several times getting up and down to close the door after some inconsiderate bastard, I got the munchies and decided it was time to munch!
I ordered a “Tagwell’s Afternoon Tea” which basically meant an awful lot of cake!

It arrived on a cute tiered tray with a huge pot of coffee. There were three types of sandwiches, salad, cream tea and a cupcake of my choice! The sandwiches were divine! Thick cut ham, cream cheese and cucumber and egg mayo all cut into triangles all this for just £6.80 a good deal, fresh and made to order and bought to you with a smile!

The clotted cream on the scone combined with the jam was pure luxury! I’ve spent too much time apart from scones. I decided I couldn’t stomach another cupcake and by this time it had stopped raining so I decided to head back before another downpour and take the lemon and blueberry cupcake back to the office with me for one lucky team member!

Overall I was very impressed with the tearooms, their selection available, happy staff and loyal customers!

I will be frequently occupying the window seat, you know, the one with all the cakes on.

Here are some of the other cakes they have to offer!

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