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New blogging stationary!

Hello I’m Clo!

Today I’m talking about my brand spanking new stationary that I’m fan-girling over, it’s ridiculous. I’m 18 and still in ore of a bit of paper and a few pens and perhaps throw in a folder if I’m lucky.

I’ve always had a love for stationary. One of my earliest memories is filling through the reduced box at Ryman’s picking out the 10p sharpeners and pencil cases to sell to my friends from my desk at school for triple the price. Entrepreneurial spirit right there my friends!

Even now, it’s the standing joke in the office that I’m most likely to raid the free pens at events, or grab a goodie bag in the hope there’s a free highlighter.

For Christmas, my mum bought me a beautiful blue flower and purple bird notebook set, I planned and started using the books as my ‘To- Do’ list and my blogging notes. It’s laid out really well and I’ve put plenty in it but it’s a nightmare to commute with as it isn’t ring-binded, so it had to be replaced. Luckily I can utilise it for something else! The set I purchased as my replacement is stunning, kiddy and so, so cute! I can’t wait to start scribbling my notes and popping my leaflets and product paflets in the special themed holder.

My new stationary has a theme, we all know I just love a theme!

There is nothing better than having something, that when you see it, it makes you automatically happy. This. is one of those products.

“Paris est tre belle”

Bonjour Paris!

Three stationary items in this print were available. An A4 ringbinder, paper document and a ringbinded notebook.

They’re very teenage girl Parisian theme with doodles and images of bulldogs, bicycles and ‘belles’ as in women, not as in ‘Ring ‘em loud.’ The cartoon esque designs are all neatly placed in frames and in a gallery. The combination of pastels, mint greens and pinks are an unusual, demure combination on stationary but it works out really well, creating an inspiring, creative collection.

Making her mark on the A4 ring-binder folder is a Parisian chic walking her posh pooch with her side pony hair style and big polka dot bow, high heels on and girly pink doodles behind her butterflies, hearts and the Eiffel tower in a basic one tone colour.  Its all on top of a mint blue folder, the inner is a baby pink.

Neat high hair bun, bicycle and bulldog on a flowerbed inspired motif was what originally caught my eye. Full on story front, yet a toned down, print full back. Lined inside and quality paper. I was sold. I was taking this notebook home with me.

As my love of travel is forever growing, despite the fact I haven’t even left my beloved UK this year, this stationary is keeping the dream alive! Re-affirming my desires and dreams.

It’s fair to say I’m very happy with my ‘Happy’ purchases! I’m looking forward to filling them all up and sharing all my reviews, ideas and thoughts with you all!
Hopefully it’ll keep me on track with my beauty blogging schedule! I’ve been waffling all too much recently!

If you want to check out the stationary too take a look in Wilkinson’s!

Speak to you tomorrow!

Lots of love,

Clo : -))

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