Newly Released Make Up Products | Hello I'm Clo

Newly Released Make Up Products | Hello I'm Clo

Hello I'm Clo!

Today I'm letting you guys know about some of the recently released products available from Boots stores and online. Whilst doing a little sales shopping (Or snooping) last week. Swarming around me were people desperate for a bargain. I couldn’t find any Soap and Glory box sets so I naturally wondered into the make up section. 

Make Up is my non religious mecca. Bright lights beam, beautiful packages grace the freshly scented shelves a wealth of opportunities and an abundance of ideas easily flow into my mind, from winged eyeliner shapes to ice queen glitter looks. 

There is always something new to try no matter what drugstore or make up counter you find yourself at: a colour, applicator or a brand new brand.
With so many people in just one area of the store, I was able to really take me time and take in what Boots had to offer make up wise. It was great to actually observe the stand-alone promotion stands promoting the latest beauty and make up products without being in haste as potentially, when shopping on lunch breaks we are missing something new. 

Two new products really stood out for me, the first is suitable for everyone. The second only for a select few that can pull off the look, however I thought I’d do this post and fill you all in anyway!

First Product:
Baby Skin Primer – Maybelline New York
This is a re-release and a new batch of Maybelline’s original ‘Pore Eraser.’ But this time with the ‘Instant Factor.’ 2013 was the year of the ‘Baby’ range from Maybelline who are now allowing everyone to achieve ‘Baby’ like soft and clear skin

Top Tips for Baby Skin

Step One: Squeeze a pea sized amount of Baby Skin primer onto your finger tip. It’s transparent pink in colour.

Step Two: Gently apply all over your T-Zone.

These two steps using the Maybelline ‘Baby Skin’ primer produces instant results. Reduces the sizes of pores, makes skin feel velvety soft and can be used as an everyday primer under make up to keep a matte finish or as just a cover to reduce pores and have a ‘Bare Faced Day.’ If you’re a Maybelline fan they suggest using either the Dream Matte Mousse foundation or the Fit Me Foundation for Maybelline perfect skin all day long.

At £7.99 it’s reasonably priced. Reviews are very positive for this primer so I’m going to give it a go when my Seventeen primer is all empty!
You can’t go wrong with a primer as you have no colour to contend with or match. A risk free purchase. 

Next Up is L’Oreal’s Mega Volume Miss Manga Mascara.

Now certain eye shapes will simply not see eye to eye with this product (See what I did there) If you don’t know what I’m on about simple keep your eyes peeled on the blog as I have a full length weeks long feature coming up on what looks suit what eye shapes and face shapes. Ahhh the eye puns keep coming.
The idea behind L’Oreal’s Mega Volume Miss Manga Mascara is pretty obvious by the promotional material that is supplied with it. 

It’s the best looking panda eyes we’ve ever seen not on Avril Lavigne. If you want big Manga Panda eyes this could be the Mascara you’ve been waiting for. It’s £8.99 however Superdrug currently has £3 off bringing it down to £5.99.

‘ The Secret Of Big Manga Eyes’
Mega Volume on top: Make zigzag movements from root to tip with our (L’oreal) first 360 degree flexible brush.

Mega Volume on bottom: Capture the lover lashes thanks to our (L’oreal) cone shaped brush.

Big Manga Eyes: More open eyes are totally manga!

Those guys are the newly released products that stood out for me!

If you have used one of these, or have something to say leave it in the box below!

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