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Our Day Out! 
Well that got your attention didn't it! I saw this epic sign in lush and had to take a quick snap!
Hello I’m Clo!

It was my weekend off this week and I decided to spend it with my best friend Lizzie who’s back in town.
Chilling, relaxing and pampering was high on the menu as well as cooking, catching up on films and watching Jerry Springer re-runs. 

Late night food runs smiley face chips and chicken nuggets with chocolates and TV = the perfect girly night /weekend.

Sleeping in is unfortunately a rarity so that was just heavenly. Everything is better when you’re all refreshed and ready to go! When we both were wide eyed and busy tailed on Sunday morning we went to a local garden centre on the hunt for some crafty bits and bobs to keep ourselves occupied, some post Christmas bargains and to stretch our legs. 

After picking up some craft ‘Stuff’ from Hobbycraft, smelling all the soap available at the Garden Center’s ‘Gifty’ bit as well as checking out the reduced Christmas offerings we wondered over to have a little look at the Animal section.

As if they sell Finding Nemo tank stuff!

I’m not a fan of anything with a tail. The thought makes me squirm. I like rabbits, cats and dogs as well as fish and that is pretty much as far as I go. Fancy mice, gerbils, chinchillas and guinea pigs were all they had to off, which for my viewers only eye was a no-no! They also had rats, which, regardless of whether they’re behind glass or not is simple too much to handle!

Baking pasta bake, eating all life’s good stuff and having a good old gossip was exactly what I needed after my week of drama UCAS madness and flu :(

After having a flash back to our youth watching Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone we ended up watching GIRLS. Guuuuurrrrrl! Before bed it was essential to peruse the Golden Globe dresses.

Monday bought lots of shopping! Picking up click and collect orders, buying jumpers (It’s cold) and grabbing a fair few (Essential) items.

It was great to just browse without hordes of people, small children or getting in anyone’s way. Monday morning is the perfect time to shop! It’s nice to actually see things as appose to smashing, grabbing and running around like a lunatic in order to get everything done!

Blogger bits and bobs were bought in preparation for some lovely little beauty reviews that are coming soon – YouTube and Hello I’m Clo Beauty Blog!

My super duper bargain of the day has to be my Primark jumper collection – which I shall film at some point this week so you too can go and grab yourselves a fashion bargain. After shop - shop- shopping we had a mandatory maccy's then headed home to do some pampering!

Having Lizzie over is so much fun, not only do I have a sister on loan for the weekend but I also have a dummy for my latest make up trails and ideas. Prepping her for her hot date meant I could try my new MUA reddy-brown eye-shadow to suit her beautiful eyes,  Try new contouring techniques on a square face!

Monday night was so chilled, drinks with the boys then onto a club and dancing like buffoons. We have no idea how to dance what so ever! It’s really rather shameful. 
As ever, guys find it hilarious to take selfies. Jack is no exception. 
 Such a beauty.

2am rolled round and it was time to go home, much to the dismay of the guys who were just getting into their groove! – I have a very busy week ahead!

I woke up this morning a little hazy but a - okay to pump pump and motivate!  

That was my weekend summary! - Whooop. Back to normal sorta schedule tomorrow.

Got a launch event today so gotta go - speak tomorrow,

Lots of love, 

Clo :- ))

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