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P-P-P Polariod!

Hello I'm Clo!
So as I mentioned in my..

 Happy New Year -Nightmare New Year.

Post we mainly used a Polaroid camera to capture the New Year moments instead of the standard 21st century method of an instant camera – What can I say? We fancied the vintage feel. Old school.


Funnily enough as I wrote this I had to look back at what I’d actually written in my first blog post of the year

1) So I didn’t repeat myself and

2) Because I can’t actually remember ….


It also made me chuckle to look back on what I wrote just a few short days ago. I was totally positive, although reading it back bad stuff happened and it was, true to title a bad new year, it also got a little worse with me developing flu (I write this in bed avec lemsip and cough / flu / life medicine.) I’ve slept a fair bit trying to shake off this rubbishy feeling, hence why I couldn’t remember what I’d written! It’s all a bit of a daze. 


However! On a great high note I published a YouTube video about mine and Lizzie’s Polaroid antics, Which I filmed over the few days she stayed with me! It’s just a quickie, lots of little bits of film sewn together.



Photographs are great for remembering things, events, people and places especially in polaroid when they’re printed then and there for you,however sometimes a picture can’t tell a story as much as a video. As Lizzie and I live so far away (3 ½ hours away) it’s a nice little momentum to have handy. 


My Hello I’mClo YouYube Polaroid video Is an upbeat little number that when I watch it, makes me remember happy times more so than the crappy new years stuff. We all have bad nights – yeah!? I hear that.


It’s also a little inspiration video if you too have a polaroid camera as it gives you ideas about how and where to store your polaroid printed pictures, as well as what you can do with your friends with them- anyway why am I telling you all this when you could just watch the video!?


Have a great day all!
Lots of love,

Clo :)

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