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See the video ' Primark Sale Haul | Hello I'm Clo here!

So you may have seen a very similar looking jumper appearing in my Hello I’m Clo YouTube videos lately in various different colours, pink, purple, blue and perhaps a bit of brown in their too! You’re not going mad, crazy-mental. It’s all good I have in fact the same jumper in four colours. I’m in love once again.

The jumpers are from Primark and feature in my newly released Primark fashion sale haul. My Primark haul should have gone live about a week ago but YouTube wasn’t ready to handle the jumper craziness and colour madness. So I hope this new video clears up some confusion!

Because I’ve set myself a challenge of how far can I push the styling with these bargainous (New Word, started here. Copyright ‘Hello I’m Clo’) £3 jumpers I’ve been throwing them on at every occasion. It’s as if I don’t have any other clothes! I’m addicted to the idea of seeing how many outfits I can create from such a simple, budget basic as, at the end of the day, if you can concour one style you’re on good track to concour them all and become a real fashionista!
 Me hiding behind a jumper.....

You can take something simple and give it heart, a great personality and a real fresh fashion forward edge. These types of simplistic garments are a stylists dream.

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They were too good an offer to miss and I even bought some other bits and bobs to tied me over before the new styles land at I’m Sorry What Did You Say!? It’s all good stuff! I think it’s a great way to be. Getting to know and creating a signature style and then having the colour options available to you. That way you know you look hot –to-trout 90% - 100% of the time you wear said outfit or garment. (Not 100% as you could have a bad face/ hair day, we all have those.)

See the video ' Primark Sale Haul | Hello I'm Clo here! 

I hope you all enjoy the new video!

See the video ' Primark Sale Haul | Hello I'm Clo here!  

Speak to you tomorrow!

Lots of love,

Clo :- ))

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