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LULU Guinness red suitcase! 

I’ve been head over heels in love with this little Lulu beauty ever since I clapped eyes on the bright and bold lipstick print, the rouge red colour and the night sky shine and gloss a while ago on the Selfridges website.
I decided in 2013 that for a little treat for myself I’d purchase a suitcase.

Why a suitcase!?

Due to 2014 having quite a busy travel schedule that’s without going to Uni or on holidays (Eeek!) and also because my Dad has the most incredible mini black suitcase which I took with me on my trips to London last year. The suitcase alone sparked convocation and awe. It’s not the colour, the style or even the brand of the suitcase that sparks attention, it’s the stickers and prints that are on it from each location he’s visited.  Foreign language speakers spoke amongst themselves pointing and making gestures. I too want to travel, just like my dad and I think the perfect memoir of my journeys is to tag up on a suitcase.  Hence the sudden suitcase lust. Life has already started and it’s about time I documented it in a sentimental way.

The little black suitcase has traveled with him, the world over, China, Japan you name it, he’s been there and I too hope to do lots of traveling throughout my life.

Now In the ‘normal world’ any suitcase would do. However. Being a fashion conscious body in the world of fashion it’s all about the accessories. As I won’t have masses of stickers to begin with I’d end up with a plain black suitcase. I want something with a bit of pizzazz! Life, energy, something that reflects my personality and lifestyle. One thing is an absolute must. It must be on all fours: Time and time again I’ve seen poor people struggle on the London Underground because their suitcase couldn’t run fast enough or keep up. Two wheels for me is a no no, I might as well just have a campers rucksack (Heidi Hi Campers!) Four is better than two in this instance, you simply glide through airport terminals with four not drag and get dragged by your suitcases lack of gusto.

I’ve debated for about two months now as to which size to go for as this four wheeled luggage companion is just totally ideal for work. Chic, elegant, won’t get lost easily and can fit all my relevant ‘Stuff’ into it;  trainers, laptop, tripod, camera, kitchen sink, bath tub. You know, all the relevant stuff.

Do I go small or go medium!? How much space do I need. (The mind boggles) anyway as my mind goes back and forth with the questioning of sizes (It’s hard to figure it all out from measurements and images online) My lust suitcase starts popping up everywhere – It’s a sign!

Not only did uber cool stylist to the stars and all round rad girl Alexis Knox pull hers out of her closet for a weekend trip to Milan to style up the pre-season collection shoot for Sergei Grinko S/S 2014 but none other that Emma Roberts also sported the same luggage after leaving the airport with beau Evan Peters.

So there we have it – this suitcase is totally stalking me and screaming Buy, Buy me Buy me! However with a price tag of £225. Yes that is Two hundred and twenty five Great British pounds and the fact that Lulu Guinness has a Sale on is swaying my mind and my dollar $$$

Oh life as a fashionista is hard. #fashionworldproblems

So I'll ponder some more and I'll see you tomorrow,

Love you lots!

Clo :- )

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