Some Budget Beauty Buys! | Hello I'm Clo

Some Budget Beauty Buys!

Hello I'm Clo!

Today my Budget beauty buys Hello I'm Clo Video went live!

 What I bought from household British store Wilkinsons:

Baby Conditioner for washing my make up brushes, as recommended by my friend Abbie. The soft texture it keeps them soft and clean between using surgical spirit on them. It smells great and is dermatologically tested. So soft on skin whilst in contact with it. Baby beauty and cleaning stuff found in the baby isle and is just £1.25!

I picked up some hair bits and bobs for testing on some college projects. I bought some hair gel that is extra holding and firm and for just 75p great for testing new styles and ideas with hair! I also picked up some Shockwave ultra strong hair constructor for £1.24. I'm looking forward to using the creme gel to see what lengths it is suitable for.

I then raided the 'Simple' brand section of the store, picking up a cleansing lotion, eye creme and light moisturiser.

I'll do individual reviews as and when!

I hope you all enjoy the video,
Lots of love,

Clo :- ))

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