Strepsils At The Ready | Hello I'm Clo

Strepsils At The Ready | Hello I'm Clo
Strepsils At The Ready | Hello I'm Clo

My Flu Essentials:

This week I was knocked off my feet by a nasty bout of flu. Not ideal at any time, though less so at New Years when you announce to the globe that you’re going to be filming and editing everyday of the year, then proceed to discuss people falling at the first hurdle re: New Years Resolutions. Never mind.

So if you are currently feeling a little bit yuck, down in the mouth or out of sorts, this little post is ideal for you! These are my little tidbits that helped me get through my cold/ flu whatever.

From head to toes I have something for you!

As soon as you feel a little out of sorts- DO SOMETHING! I Let mine manifest before I did anything which prolonged my pain and prolonged me being out of action, off work and generally rather miserable.

I don’t really do tablets (Accept those for my acne) I do all too many tablets a day anyway, I don’t want to add to those, it’d be like a mini cocktail in my belly! Instead I opted for lemsip! It doesn’t taste too great near the end of the cup but In order to get better I had to suck it up. Lemsip cover all the typical ailments. Coughs, colds, headaches, fevers. Lemsip comes in lots of different flavors which I am all for, I’m loving blackcurrant, it fits the current winter weather and is the perfect wind down before bed.

Next up get the tissues at the ready, not because of the sad, soppy film you’ll be watching (Although films are totes necessary) but because of the streaming cold that’s coming. Tissues and hand gel to keep clean and those nasty little germs away! Strepsills are great for during the day and reliving problems and pains in your throat, keep talking to a minimum and try drinking as many hot lemon or hot honey teas or drinks in general as possible.  Keep wrapped up and warm and avoid dairy products which are known to feed bacteria.

For colds you’ll get quite groggy and develop lots of catar overnight. Before bed spread a little Olbas oil on your pillow and a few drops on your pyjama top, this will help you breathe over night, which is always a good thing. If you’re really bunged up use a little Vick’s VapoRub on your chest and a small, small, tiny even amount on your nose / nasal passage apply gently and in small amounts as if the skin is broken due to sneezing or excess nose blowing it can sting.

TCP is my all time lifesaver for colds and flu. When I wake up feeling rubbish I run to the bathroom pop a little TCP in a cup, add water and gargle. It’s not chic, attractive or an ‘In thing’ but when you feel like you do when Ill you shouldn’t care. If you do you also, in my opinion, need to see a medical professional.

Cover up, curl up and watch a great film. For me I’ve been having a Harry Potter Marathon + DVD extras for the last 3 days I’ve also added in ‘John Tucker Must Die’ for good measure. Relax, get plenty of sleep and take it easy. Your body needs time to recover and rest. It’s crying out to you to take it easy. You have to obey your body.

Please do all read the labels before you use any product in this blog post. Consult your doctor first if you are unsure.

Hope you all get better soon!
Normal blogging / YouTube schedule will resume soon!

Have a great day,

Clo :- )

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