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The Devil's Got Your Number.

Hello I'm Clo,
Today is a strange day.
Natalia Kills’ song ‘Devils don’t fly’ kinda relates to todays topics. Here are some of the defining lyrics that stood out to me whilst I wrote this post.

You know devils don't fly (fly, fly)
So don't expect me not to fall
Devils don't fly (fly, fly)
But God we almost had it all
But I got chains and you got wings,
You know that life ain't fair sometimes
Devils don't fly (fly, fly)
But I try.

Angels were never meant to fall
And you were the loveliest of all
If I thought God could fix it
I'd pray for your forgiveness
But I've been cast down, thrown out
When I crossed to the other side

No devils don't fly!”

We often get sucked into our lives, our own worlds, that of celebrities, movie stars and singers. We’re lost in a world of superficial reality. It’s rare we take time and take note of what, in truth, is really important.

We’re wondering round in a bubble, rolling, rolling until we’re stopped in our tracks. We’re made to listen to what the world has to say to us.

Life once again today, has been proved, to be, way too short.  You never know what’s coming. When you’re going to live your last day or take your very last breath. The truth is the devil really does have your number and life is just a game.

In monopoly you take risks – what’s the worst that can happen? You get a fine, you loose a house, then you make a comeback and concur the board. Sometimes you win, sometimes you loose. Monopoly in effect, is just like life. Tough, tricky, rewarding, yet just like a fine on Mayfair you don’t see it all coming to an end until it stops.

We all need to enjoy things more. I say it loads on this blog, yet, I feel it needs to be re-enforced and hit home time and time again. Stop complaining about things you can change, never take anything or anyone for granted. We can’t be complacent, yet we’ve got to rave it up and soak up everything life has to offer.

Go to that gallery, take that trip. Spend more time with your grandmother. Cook and bake, have film night with friends, have a bear hug and dance like lunatics because you don't know if there is a tomorrow, in a grotty little club that you turn around into your own private haven with friends.

If you died tomorrow- would you be proud of what you’d achieved? Would you have you enough memories to fill eternity?

What is it you want from life? Find it, hold on and let the good times roll.

It may just be a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday but make it your day, make it count, make a difference, own your life. Live it.

We can all improve and control our lives, our surroundings and our minds. Don’t live with regrets. Don’t live in fear. Grab life by the balls and kick some serious ass.

Speak tomorrow,
Lots of love and feels.

Clo :- )) 3

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