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What are we doing to ourselves?

I have a friend, who is forever being involved with other people’s business. She’s the topic of every mutual friends conversation and not for positive reasons. A few nights ago, I went out for drinks with a male friend who was discussing the lack of respect this girls has for herself: letting people openly know all her relationship business, good and bad.

Does she deem it acceptable because she wants to know everyone else’s business- does she feel it’s even, as she chips in too!?

She lacks self confidence, yet goes too far trying to hide it.  This made my mind swarm with things I feel I need to get off my chest.

It’s become a dog eat dog world. People will backstab and judge without knowing anything about you. It’s a new generation of mean girls, but this time with ipads and 40k twitter followers.
Isn’t it time we started to focus on ourselves in a good way, re-direct this negative energy into something positive, to stop wasting time and effort on people and things that are just dead end and stuck in the rut that is that conversation, that person, that life.

Why do we obsess about others lives? Who’s sleeping with who, who’s been kissing so-and so? Does it really matter? No.
If we put as much effort into something constructive, as much as we do with bitching, fighting and getting involved ,the world would be a much better, advanced place to be.

It’s not just others lives we’re engulfed in either. When your life starts to hot up with a bloke, it can get crazy, scary-mental and you so simply can fall off path and go totally cray-cray (Technical term for crazy!)

I’m sick to the back teeth of people my age (and younger) obsessing about guys, to the point where obsession takes over their everyday routines, within a blink of an eye. It’s awful to think you could loose yourself, in order to get to know someone you’ve only just met, or know nothing about.

“ Why hasn’t he text me?”
“What is he doing?”
“He’s read my message but hasn’t replied, he’s so obviously sleeping with such and such.”

People PLEASE! Let’s dive back 50 years ago, there were no phones, cyber stalking or crazed google searching. Most of the people who met 50 years ago are still together today. I seriously think there’s something to be said for having a non-tech relationship, especially for young people, just like me, who unfortunately, know no better.!

There is more to your life than the person you date.  We’re often in the rat race that is the dating game. What we tend to do is get hooked, absorbed into the person we’d like to introduce into our lives, the thing we forget all too easily is the fact, that, we were perfectly fine before this ‘date’ was even on the scene.
It’s about time we stopped searching for someone to validate our existence and learn to love our solitude.

At the end of the day- Everything happens for a reason.
If something is meant to happen, it’ll happen. End of.
You can’t force anything in life, as if you do, it could potentially backfire if it’s not meant to be.

We live and learn.

Ironically as I wrote this The Hoosiers’ track ‘Trick to life’ came on. It’s so true, the trick to life is not to get too attached to it.  We’re all too absorbed in ourselves and others, taking up more brain space than is necessary – lets get some sort of equilibrium here. It’s about time we started caring about others in a REAL way and not just for their gossip.

Keep an air of mystery about yourself, don’t give it all up.

Speak tomorrow!

Lots of love,

Clo  :)

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