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Little Girl Dresses Up In Celebrity Red Carpet Looks

Little Girl Dresses Up In Celebrity Red Carpet look

Hello I'm Clo! Today I'm talking about something that has gone viral and for all the right reasons! This isn't a booty-popping in the club vine or a Miley Cyrus esque omegle wrecking ball video or even a laughing donkey. This, is a 4 year old girl who likes to play dress up.

"A four-year-old, whose name appears to be Mayhem, is causing just that on the internet this morning, as fashion fans swoon over her copies of catwalk and red-carpet dresses, made by her mother Angie." - Vogue UK

I think dressing up when young is how we develop and begin to identify who we are, our likes and our dislikes. This girl has really gone for it; a 'duper' in the making or perhaps stylist or dress designer. But most of all it's cute to see children being children and not being pushed into too much too young. We live in an age where it's hard to just be a child, play have fun and not be too influenced by pop cultures behavior or what influences us in the media.

Note how this little girl is very classy, there is no scantily glad outfits. This little lady has chosen role models and has got a little thrifty and creative in order to create these looks.
 Lupita Nyong'o's Ralph Lauren Golden Globes gown was another subject for Mayhem and her mother. - Vogue UK

My favourite look is the Katy Perry dress. It was so elegant and chic, princess like and 'Mayhem' has certainly won our hearts with her princess esque look!

It really does look like 'Mayhem' had lots of fun re-creating these looks. A very refreshing post I feel! She'll definitely have something to talk about at school on Monday.

Talking about re-creating looks....
Here is todays video! It's a quick OOTD!

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GRWM Make Up Basics : Hello I'm Clo

GRWM Make Up Basics : Hello I'm Clo

GRWM Basic Make Up
Today I'm doing a basic Get ready with me (GRWM) I used 4 products:
Collection Lasting Perfection Liquid Foundation Shade 02. £5.99
Natural Collection Powder Blusher 'Pink Cloud' £1.99
Avon SuperShock black mascara £9.99
Natural Collection lip balm 'Cranberry Kiss' £1.99

I hope you enjoy the video!

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I Got Into Uni : Hello I'm Clo

Hello I'm Clo!

Today I'm telling you about my exciting news, as the Title is oh such a spoil alert. I have indeed got into university!

It is honestly one of the most liberating things I have ever experienced, finding out that you've got into university was for me, like many others a very big deal. It gives you structure to your near future and helps you on the path you want to follow. University is in no way the be all and end all of life. Just 6 short months ago I would have told you how I had no intention of attending or even applying to university. It just shows how times can change! 

I don't really know how I came about thinking of going to university, my friends were discussing it and busily applying away. I currently study make up specialising in theatrical and media make up which I simply adore. Although I love doing what I do, I don't feel I'd gain enough from it, if I were to study at university level so that course was crossed off the list. I gave it all a thorough think through and realised if there was something I was interested in and wanted to pursue; the time waas now to do it whilst I still have youth on my side. That was that, once the seed was planted I was on the hunt for something that would encapsulate me and enthrall me.

After researching on UCAS one day on my Iphone, Soya mocha in hand, sat in Starbucks between lessons I really started to but down some ideas. I knew I wanted to be involved in fashion, with aspects of beauty thrown in so I could use my previouslt leartn knowledge and I wanted to use my developped media skills. One this was for sure; I can not draw and didn't fancy sewing things all day.

Figuring out what I did and didn't want to do actually really helped me during the selection process.
I then decided I would only be willing to go to University in London. Why? As my workload increases I am forever beening drawn to London. It makes sense for me to be close, no good being in Scotland and having to commute! #nightmare

With all this in mind, I wrote down the courses that were available within those parameters and UCASs threw up 12 courses. It took me 10 minutes and by the end of my coffee i'd decided what i would study and where. This may all seem a little quick or a little whimsical but I tend to make decisions very quickly when it comes to important things I, more often than not, have my shit together. (Unless it's about boys or my subway sandwich, that's a hard one!)
I firstly removed all the topics I had no interest in, then ordered them in order of preference and then I was left with one subject which combined my top two fashion topics; Fashion management and Fashion marketing. A course with both of these topics on? I was sold. I applied to one university, had one interview and landed one offer on the condition of passing my current course. It's all so perfect, I'm very pleased! Did I mention they have 4G I AM SO THERE #happening.

This Uni is the only specialist and is the only one to combine the two courses in the UK. I feel very privileged.

So I'm off to study Fashion Management and Marketing in London! Yipeeee I'll be carting my life down there in September, just in time for my 19th Birthday!
I'm very, very pleased. I can't wait to learn and develop and of course have a rad time in the world of fashion!

Let me know if you too are going to Uni and what you're wanting to study!

That's it for today, speak tomorrow,
Lots of love,

Clo :- ))

Today's Make-Up video! Bronze eye make-up just in time for the spring season!

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Spring Summer Make Up Trends 2014 : Hello I'm Clo

Spring Summer Make Up Trends 2014 : Hello I'm Clo

Today on YouTube I talked about key make up trends for Spring and Summer, what the designers paired with their collections and I also recommended some products that you can get to re-create their looks.

The 120 eyeshadow palette I speak of in this video I highly recommend it's amazing and allows me to create some really great looks and artistic make up pieces. 

Near the end of the video I briefly touched upon hair trends. Talking of hair, I've got a surprise coming up in a video next week! 
Just a short one today!

Love you lots,

Lazy Sunday : Hello I'm Clo

Hello I'm Clo!

Today I'm talking about my 'Lazy' Sunday!

My weekend was so relaxing! Despite working on Saturday I had a really nice rest. On Sunday I slept in (Hurrar!) had tea in bed and caught up on my 'To read' book pile on my bedside drawer.

After having further awake relaxation I filmed my Bronze Make Up tutorial that shall be out next Monday. I had so much fun filming it! It is a long one at 17 minutes but I honetly think it's the best video I've ever produced. I'm so excited about my YouTube! I do lots in the bronze video; conceal, contour, the works so there's plenty packed in for the minutes! I hope you find it as fun to watch as it was for me to film! (Leave your requests in the comments below!)  

Little personal moment: Thank you so much for reading my blog and watching my YouTube videos. Today i reached 24,000 YouTube views which is just crazy! anyway, I digress.

After filming I went out for a spot of lunch with my childhood best friend who I haven't seen in 4 years! It was totally crazy, surreal and odd as she hasn't grown any taller!  We spent a few hours catching up on life, discussing how so much changes in what seams a short space of time and it was nice to chillax and be with someone who knows me so well!

We ate a very odd lunch of super healthy stuff and half the stuff on the menu I didn't even realise existed! A caesar salad and sweet potato chips and grilled chicken was the order of the day. The chips were divine! Absolutely amazing so yummy, my salad was basically rabbit food, food all the same so I'm not complaining. After a good old chin wag over a frothy mahusive soya coffee it was time to see nan!

 My make up stood the test of time and looked wonderful 8 hours after putting it on.

 My two tone bronze eye make up.

I kept my make up on until it was time to jump in the bath and continue the relaxation theme.
I picked up an eye corrector pen whilst out shopping to try and there seemed no better time to give it a go! I'll review sometime soon!

I'm not one of those people who can just 'Sit' in a bath. I have to be doing something! I think it's down to my infectious personality (Y) :) So i grabbed my back log of 'The Times' magazine to read in the bath and rip out all the good bits for mood boards and trend analysis.  I also threw in a Glamour and an Elle.  I smothered The Body Shop's lip balm on in blackcurrant so that my lips weren't dried out whilst I was in the bath and was nearly ready to go! I then had a little rummage in the cupboard for something nice to pop into the bath when I came across my 'Think Pink' lush bath bomb that I featured in my lush haul a while ago! In the remainder of the bath bomb went!

This bath bomb doesn't lather but makes the water pink and pretty with little confetti hearts! What a wonderful way to end the weekend I say!

So I got into the pink water and had an hour reading and listening to Lorde's album for the billionth time. I do like to multitask even in relaxing situations. It was a great way to round off the weekend and prepare the week ahead.

If you want to see my review of Lush's 'Think Pink' bath bomb see below!

I hope you guys had a great weekend!

Speak tomorrow, lots of love,
Clo :- )) Like, leave a comment and respond :3

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Ashish, I'm In Love.

Ashish, I'm In Love.

Hello I'm Clo!
So it's Milan fashion week and I'm hooked on Vogue.com.
I missed out on all the other fashion weeks due to work, so this week I'm making an extra effort!

Take a look at some of the Images below and let me know in the comments below what you're liking and why! Remember this is the A/W 2014 collection; will you be braving this outfits in winter?

 These pieces, to me, scream Carrie Bradshaw meets Carrie Diaries. Lena Dunham fantasy world meets Lena Dunham Golden Globes.

"IT’S time to dig that prom dress back out, Ashish is on the rampage with them for autumn/winter 2014 and in true Ashish style, they’re loud and proud with plenty of froufrou, lace and his signature lashings of sequins.  In fact, these were the sort of princess dresses that we no doubt dreamed of wearing when we were younger but reimagined through a Lily Allen lens, streetwise and urban as they were and followed promptly by be-bowed jumper-and-jogger ensembles. But it’s this mix that makes Ashish so much fun. Each season, the designer takes a theme and plots his sparkly tongue-in-cheek attack." - Vogue's Jessica Bumpus.

Days are gone. The Juicy C tracksuit is no more this is its replacement and we're loving it. Gone are the on trend velour days and in are the Ashish two piece and platforms. Embellished with beads and flowers it's taking feminine to a whole new level.

I'm loving the prom dress vibe! Who said pink couldn't be worn in winter!? It's very out there but for a special occasion or a bravado 20 something it could work.

This chromatic look is the transition from the space themed prints and galaxy inspired fabrics to this current season. Although this is A/W this look and colour is very much in now! The colour is eye popping and rich.

The platforms gibe it a 2014 urban edge and balances out the bright pink ballgown. The platform trainers give the dress a tom boy look and feel. Rebellious.

Let me know what designers you're loving in the comments below!

Lots of love!
Clo : -)) Like, leave a comment and respond :3

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A Bloggers Paradise : Hello I'm Clo

A bloggers paradise

As a beauty blogger there is only so much reviewing and writing you can do until things get predictable and repetitive. I like to spice it up and re-jig it once in a while and try new things, visit new places and write about different topics.

Today is one of those days! After finishing work at 3 this afternoon, my mum and I headed over to  Malvern to see a fellow lingerie boutique owner and pretty much compare our pants! Once we'd caught up with our friend we asked where was good to go visit and eat. We were recommended a little home wares and gift store 'Rhubarb' that was just up the hill from where we were visiting.

It's so nice to take some downtime, something I don't experience often. Having limited time to relax and explore you really do enjoy it all the better! I'm so glad Rhubarb was recommended to us. It's one of those magical stores where everything catches your eye and you really just want to buy it all!

I bought two small things from this Independent boutique as a little middle of the month treat! They were wrapped up for me in sweet tissue paper and with a 'Rhubarb' Great Malvern sticker in a Rhubarb purple.

The first little goodie I picked up was a lovely little book with lots of photography tips entitled
' Lonely Planet's Best Ever Photography Tips.'

There are 45 little tips in this book, which is mini size! Ideal for popping into my handbag when i'm on the move! I have a really good camera yet one year after buying it, I still have no idea how to use it! Hopefully this will help me out and improve my photographic skills.

It's one of those books that is captivating, yet informative. Not too many pictures and not too many words! The perfect balance. At just £4.99 i popped it in my 'To Buy' pile as it was the last one left i assumed it was fate! (haha!)

After picking up the photography book, I wondered round the store and had a look at some of the other books they had to offer. Then I found this;
'How to be Adored'
 A girls guide to Hollywood Glamour

I just love little books like these, I love books in general but they're even better when they're kitsch and small! This little pink girld guide to glamour book is pink all over with raised red flowers to add a girly effect.

This book talks personality, fashion, style, effortless beauty and it girls throughout the ages. I'm looking forward to reading this one. Little snippets of information as and when I require it. The book is about 10cm high and was £4.99 jam packed full of information, better than any magazine and completely timeless!

After my great experience in the store mum and I went for coffee and yum-yums. I could only eat half as i was so full!

It was nice to take a few hours out for some down time!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Have a great weekend all!

Lots of love,

Clo :- ))

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Katie Piper Body Shockers

So late last night I found myself browsing through the channels on the TV to find something to watch before going to bed when I came across 'Body Shockers' by Katie Piper on Channel 4.

What the 'Body Shocker' show is about people get and regretting their tattoos and piercings, cosmetic surgery and other ways people try to 'enhance' their look, yet really, really regret it in the long run. 

After one episode I was hooked and I spent today, my day off, watching the re-runs on my IPad. It was actually very relaxing. Except for the gory surgery bits, I'm not too relaxed during those clips!

It was really insightful to see all the procedures that are available nowadays. With the advance  forward in technology in the past 10 years, procedures are being created to enhance and others to hide peoples childish, rebellious and foolish mistakes.

I really admire Katie Piper (Google her) I think she's a really really strong, independent woman and she's a really big inspiration to lots and lots of teenage girls and lots of young women. We live in a society where we feel pressured because of the media to look a certain way. We feel we need to stand out, be radical and look like we've stepped off the front cover of Vogue.
Katie had acid thrown at her, yet she is still one of the most attractive presenters on our television screens. Her inner strength shines through and she's the perfect, pinnacle example of body confidence and how to turn a bad situation into a better one.

What I found  most amazing of all was how people were so willing to change their body, despite risks even though sat in front of them was Katie who through no fault of her own had acid thrown in her face.

How are you sit there and say that you are going to modify your body and that there are potential risks involved including your own life. It is just so bizarre Katie's had over 200 operations and she shows some things can't really be fixed so why would you put yourself through something that you choose to go through!?
WHY. How can you sit there and abuse your body in this was when you have the choice to beexactly how you are!?

Perfection is, like I always say, completely overrated.

From botch boob jobs to stretched ears, to ripped stretched ears, tattooed bodies, hair extensions falling out and making people go bold; it is all in this series including drunk tattoos on nights out and tattoos in the most odd unusual places.

It was good to see on TV people who've had body modifications and now regret them speaking to people who potentially were going to get work done. Most people were very shocked by what they heard but I don't think it really change their opinion on anything; which just shows how stubborn and self absorbed we are.

I think shows like this should be shown in schools. From a young age so from about 11 years of age. It teaches you to love yourself  for who you are not and not to change in order to be noticed or seek attention. It also shows the consequences of your actions and how costly and how mentally damaging it is to reverse something you chose.

I highly recommend watching it. It is really insightful, at times funny and it really does hit home how crazy our societies have become and how people's mindsets are completely off in a fairy land.

It also shows you to really think about your life and how body modification will change your life. I know somebody who just get tattoos and in 20 years time will regret them and she's only getting tattoos in order to hide the fact that she's got serious self  belief problems, low esteem and is desperatly trying to hide the fact that she doesn't like what she sees in the mirror. By inking up she feels she's in control. It couldn't be more opposite.

It's crazy to think that people are willing to go under the knife in order to  make others happy, boyfriends, friends and members of the public they don't even know.
Why on earth would you change yourself in order to make other people feel better that's just ludicrous, barbaric, completely crazy! you have to be happy with you!  Be happy in your own skin! To feel comfortable you need to love yourself. If there's one thing I've learnt from past boyfriend it's definitely not to change for somebody else because you end up me being miserable, sad and in the long run end up loosing who you are in order to make others happy. Put YOU first.

In my opinion people would be much better getting a gym membership and going down the gym letting off some steam and getting fit at the same time. Less body issues, healthier people, happier people.

That is my rant for today ladies and gents!

Here is the link if you want to watch the show!

Love yourself as much as I love you!

Love you lots,

Clo : -))

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Collection Nude Eye Palette - Tutorial (Video)

Hello I'm Clo!

Today I used my Collection Nude eye make up palette in a basic tutorial.


It's nice to create a look that's all from one product or compact as it's much easier to carry about and you tend not to forget anything!

After my Valentines video disaster I was determined to use this palette in some way, shape or form! I'm so glad I persevered and stuck with it as I ended up creating a really soft and natural make up look! 
I really hope you enjoy the video! I filmed It first thing in the morning and actually appear quite chirpy! Despite only having a few hours sleep and only half way down my first cup of tea of the day!

Here is what I used to create this look:
Avon Mineral powder in 'Shell' to contour and create a more defined face shape. £6
Avon Mineral powder in 'Ivory' as an all over coverage powder. £6
Collection stick concealer in 01 £3
Collection eye palette 'Nude Eye' £4
Avon Super shock mascara £7
Natural Collection blush in 'Pink Cloud' £2


Whilst doing this little post this appeared: Created by Google + Don't I look happy! :-)


Watch the full tutorial here: 
Please do let me know what you think of this look and what you'd like me to film next.

The Brits 2014 Write Up Full Show.

The Arctic monkeys opened the Brit Award Show. James Corden then took the stage with one arm on fire.

Ellie Goulding won Best British female at the Brit Awards. Ellie's second album Halcyon shot to the charts. Ellie school her first number one with burn in August last year.
She took to the stage in a gold dress with a cutout front and heels. The award was presented to her by Prince. James Corden also managed to fit in a cheeky selfie with prince during the live air.

Ellie Goulding wins British Female Solo Artist. 
Ellie was clearly starstruck by Price's presence and in true British style she thanked her management team and their passion and consistent effort. Her record label Polydor. Clearly emotional Ellie's speech was short and sweet; this is Ellie's second Brit Award yet she was nominated for four other awards.

katy perry performs dark horse at brit awards 2014 video 06

Katy Perry took the stage after the first break and put on a real showcase performing of her latest single Dark Horse. Katy always brings a wild extravagant show, this time featuring neon and lots and lots of prints and patterns as featured in her latest music video. That girl loves a theme. Katy's dancers were on hand to bust a move to make up for Katy's lack of dancing talent!

Katie's Egyptian theme went down a storm, however her voice wasn't one hundred percent. She seemed happy with her performance overall. Perry's show spirit makes up for her patchy vocals throughout the performance.

Kylie Minogue wish she could be so lucky and Pharell Williams wants to get lucky.

International Male Solo Artist

Bruno Mars 
John Grant
Justin Timberlake

The winner of International Male Solo artist Brit Award goes to Brunei Mars. Bruno enjoys watching Jeremy Kyle when he's in the UK and collected his award with his team. He last won a Brit award back in 2012. His latest album unorthodox jukebox is an international seller. He said it was a pleasure to be nominated along his alongside his fellow nominees He wanted to thank his manager and his label and the numerous people who've helped him on his way and his crew were happy celebrating with him.  They then went off to set up for the performance.

Bruno Mars and Co receives the award for International Male Solo Artist.

British Breakthrough Act
Tinie Tempah and Fearne Cotton presented this award, Fearne wore a metallic dress with mesh and walkied in heels while Tinie wore his staple suit in cream.

Nominees the British breakthrough act are:
Tom Odell
London grammar 
Laura Mvula

Winner was  Bastille: Dan, Chris, Will and Woody make up Bastille. They thanked radio one listeners for voting.

James Cordon made crude jokes about Justin Bieber with One Direction but put Louis Tomlinson in a very awkward position; it was unnecessary and below the belt there is no need to mention somebody who does not deserve to be in the public eye and is a bad role model.

Bruno Mars performed Treasure. Bruno looked like he was having the time of his life with his instrumental band bouncing about in the background they all wore street-wear hats, caps and beres.
The set had an urban, with the jazz twist feel with bright orange lights. The dance moves were simple; shuffling side to side and the main focus was on the instruments. You can see it's a real team effort he is not a one man band. Bruno Mars has got an likeability you can't deny. He's cute and fuzzy just wanna give him a hug the fact he can sing is just a bonus.
Halfway through the performance they came together as a pack and did these funny little dance moves that was basically shuffling side to side. I bet playing an instrument and marching simultaneously is harder than it looks. The performance was punchily finished off by shouting thank you to the audience.

I honestly wouldn't mind being Bruno Mars's Treasure.

Lily Allen presented the Best British group in an a outrageous outfit looking hot. Walked in time to the sound of her latest track 'Air Balloon' She greated everyone by saying "Hi guys it's nice to be back!" Lily had her hair in a high ponytail with a dip dye yellow ponytail. She wore a dress with yellow, blue and green block blending in like her hair and it finished at me mid length and then had meshed downwards. It was unusual and quirky just like Lilly! Lilly was so overwhelmed to be back that she didn't realise what she had to do first whether she announced straightaway or whether she listened and read out the artists

British group at nominees 
Arctic monkeys
One direction
Arctic monkeys won the award. It is the third time they've won the award and they looked mediocritly happy.

Arctic Monkeys accept British Group Award.
I really dislike the bloke in the middle. Cocky or what.

I really dislike the Arctic Monkeys attitude. The head bloke went up there and said "You don't need to listen to a bunch of names that for you don't know."
I really dislike that, you know, some people really want to express their gratitude to certain people who've enhanced their career and if they want to do so, let them.

When winning an award this should NOT be your reaction.

Critics choice winner Sam Smith. 
Previous winners include Florence and the machine,  Jessie J and Ellie Goulding, Adele and Tom Odell.
Sam has featured in Disclosure's 'Latch'  and Naughty Boy's single La la la. James Gordon recommends 'Lay me down' as a track to listen to from Sam.

Global success award presented by model, Rosie Huntington Whiteley. She wore a red minidress with a belt that clinched her waist, the dress was short with black heels and a black belt, the red sequins made a print, sort of a Tiger print pattern incorporating black. Her hair was down loose on her shoulders.

The winners for global success award are one direction
Is the second time that the boys have picked up this award. Niall approached this stage on crutches after his knee surgery and Rosie was happily giving hugs out and kisses to the boys, she was clearly excited.

Liam took the stage and thanked the international team for their support. Harry was missing from the stage. They thanked the fans and Liam was confused as to whether Harry was coming or not. Harry came running, running, running on stage "Here he is"  Harry apologised for not being on stage, he'd popped to the loo yet not realised how far away it was he then preceded to ask Louis what they'd one won.  Oh to be a superstar.

Triple whammy: Beyonce performs.

Is been a decade since Beyoncé graced the Brit stage. Beyoncé wore a blue sequined gown, her blonde hair resting over her shoulders and the blue dress sort of appeared turquoise and twinkled in the bright lights. She wore silver rings and held her silver microphone.
It was a figure hugging dress that really suited her body shape.

This performance was much better than the Grammys one. It was much more tasteful and showcased her voice well, The gospel back sound sounded really really good and suited the tone of her voice.
She sung XO it's nice to see her showcase her voice in a positive way and show that she can sing seeing as opposed to being looked upon for her sex symbol status.

Best British single was presented by Katy Perry who had changde into a plunging gold embossed  sequined dress which covered her shoulders with her short black bob and matching heels. It certainly showed off her best asset! She had matching bangles. 

The nominees the best British single are
Rudimental featuring Ella Eyre, Waiting all night
Calvin Harris featuring Ellie Goulding, I need your love
Disclosure feat Aluna George, White noise
Bastille with Pompeii
Naughty boy featuring Sam Smith with Lala lah
Olly Murs with dear darling
Passenger with the let her go
John Newman, love me again
Ellie Goulding, burn
One Direction, One way or another

Ella Eyre, DJ Locksmith and Kesi Dryden of Rudimental react to their British Single Award. Photograph: Dave J Hogan/Getty Images 

The winner is Rudimental waiting all night featuring Ella Eyre. It went to number one in April 2013 feet amazing vocals of Ella Eyre. Which was her breakthrough track. The guys are very, very happy and didn't wear normal suits DJ wore a crazy suit is bright with yellow and Ella looked stunning in a short, long sleeved silver dress especially for the evening with her curly hair hanging loose. Ella was clearly absolutely amazed with a closer look at the Ella's dress it has a leopard snake skin sort of look with blended and contoured cuts and colors.

Lorde and Disclosure perform Royals. 

After a quick break James Cordon welcomed Disclosure and Lorde, the first collaboration in the UK and her first live performance on live TV in the  UK.
Lorde Performed 'Royals' in a floor length long sleeve gown that was black and shimmery in front of a massive blank picture of her and Disclosure behind it.
Her hair was naturally left down and Lorde brought her eclectic energy to the stage.
Disclosure remixed as she approached the chorus  of 'Royals' it was a weird sort of trance vibe. Sometimes a little bit messy, each individually was doing everything to a high standard, but combined it needed a little bit of a touch-up.
I'm not sure what my opinion is on the remixing live but I really am a massive Lorde fan and I could just watch her perform all day every day and that black lipstick is looking so dam good. The performance was captivating and different as you didn't quite know where it was going to go next.

Unpredictable (which I think was what they were going for) it was then remixed into white noise and Lord disappeared off stage.  Aluna George appeared for white noises wearing a white see-through baseball top and high waisted white shorts with white wedge trainers / clump heels.
There was then some sassy dancing from the woman in White. She was dancing like a kid in a bedroom, very excitable.

I cannot get over how little Lorde featured in that segment. How ridiculous; you fly and artist halfway around the world for them to do 30 seconds. Unbelievable you should be showcasing. URGH. rant over.

International group
Nicole Scherzinger presented the award. She wore a cape on top of a cropped top and bondage grunge sort of black brace thing that attached to her bralett with gold accessories. High waist back trousers.Some bad jokes are exchanged.

Here are the nominees for Internarional Group.
Daft Punk
Kings Of Leon
Arcade Fire
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

The winner is Daft punk, they couldn't be there so Nile Rodgers accepted the award on daft punk's behalf. Nile Rogers did an epic speech; short sharp concise ,thanked everybody who needed to be thanked and made people have a little bit of inspiration from the evening, he left with the phrase
I think we got lucky!

James Corden continued with inappropriate jokes and interrogated Kylie on who she fancied now that she is single. I would feel awful if the entire world new I was single. I love James Corden but I think the script needed work.


Ellie graced the stage in a white outfit, white headed outfit with a plunge front and then a ballerina skirt with matching white guitar it's kind of like Taylor Swift meets a  grunge white gangster with a bridal thing also going on.

Ellie sung 'I need your love' acoustically with a white grand piano being played behind her. Her vocals fresh and loving and then the lights beamed across the O2. The lights lit up the stage and dancers appeared, she removed the hooded jacket and revealed a bra and high waisted shorts that were incrusted in Gold studs.
Considering Ellie's got a really high voice she's got such control over it, she's really put her own stamp on her music It's unique and different and she performs live like a trooper even getting down to grind a little; but not, in no way Miley Cyrus style. Ellie wore Doc Martains to finish off the urban look.

Ellie Goulding performs Burn at the Brit Awards. 

Ellie loves a good banging on the drum and as a drummer she always somehow incorporates it into her performances. She really lets loose in the moment then her dancer followed the drumming action and ran to the beat to join Ellie in a line and synchronized their drumming.Then fire appeared on the stage and everything went quiet, after that and big actions from the light the dancers filled the background.The dances then continued to set their drums on fire.

Ellie Golding is incredible

Best British male was presented by Noel Gallagher
Jake Bug
Tom Odell (I love him)
James Blake
John Newman (I also love him, cheating is the best music video ever)
David Bowie

And the winner is... David Bowie, Kate Moss picked up the award on the half of David Bowie. Kate wore a top, oh no it's a swimsuit, leotard thing tights and heels. Kate was wearing the same costume David Bowie has worn. She was a little worse for wear, a little bit drun. So drunk she forgot to take the award with her off stage. 

Davie Bowie

The best international female award was presented by Nick Grimshaw. Sure, sure he looked super smart he looked really proud to be there actually and he's worked hard to be there. I'm a big fan of Nick. James Corden kissed Nick Grimshaw very out there and totally unnecessary.

International female artist are
Katy Perry
Lady Gaga

The winner is Lorde. Nick Grimshaw said she looked very happy. Ella who is Lorde even managed to go the wrong way towards the stage. She still very starstruck.

Lorde it hurts.

She really is bigger than she ever dreamed

Lorde is an incredible, incredible young woman. She is always polite and healthy and she thanks everyone else in the category of the inspiration and healthy competition which is complete quality and it's unusual someone so young and someone so new to be industry to be so humble.


Jimmy Carr came on to announce the winner of video of the year, he continued thw theme of poor and inappropriate jokes, Poor form, keep it real.

The nominees are:
Ellie Golding, Burn
John Newman, love me again
Naughty Boy featuring Sam Smith, Lala Lala
Calvin Harris featuring Ellie Goulding, I need your love
One Direction, best song ever

One Direction won video of the year as voted by fans on twitter. Best song ever was co-written by James Corden which I did not know. Harry Styles was very pleased to see Jimmy Carr. Liam once again took the role of speech maker and passed it over to Niall and Harry, They thanked Ben Winston who was the video director. The video had ever 205 million views on YouTube.

A Beef Eater : Hello I'm Clo

Hello I'm Clo! 

Today I went for my University interview at the UCA Epsom campus in Surrey. My tummy rumbled throughout my interview as I couldn't eat or drink before leaving as whilst traveling with something in my belly it makes me sick. Leaving at 6 it was a long time until I had something to nosh on! The whole thing at Uni lasted 3 hours. When i came out I met up with my parents and went for a spot of lunch.

We drove up the Epsom Downs and headded to a Beef Eater.

I was super, super hungry and thirsty so I ordered away! My parents had already spent time in a coffee shop killing time before coming to meet me so they both ordered light meals, without drinks; they're all coffeed out!

I was soon to get a large glass of water and ice and sip away, there really is nothing worse than having an early morning start with a sore throat and being without water. It's really odd how I can't eat and drink on my way to places, I'm usually fine on the way back home but it's always better to be safe than sorry! I thought i'd have grown out of my travel sickness by this age, perhaps I'm not old enough yet!

We ordered a starter plate of Nachos to start with and share all together. I can't believe people eat all of that by themselves as a starter!
They were yummy and the melted centre bit was just the best!

Very randomly the sauces plate arrived way before any of our main meals did. My Dad was very disappointed there was no brown sauce. The waitress even told us how they don't have brown sauce.

After the sauces had sat a little while the main courses arrived. My Dad opted for a lite bite gammon, egg and chips. Mum had a steak and chips, also from the lite bite menu that came with some sort of unusual sauce that we couldn't quite figure out what was in it...

Here's a picture of the sauce...

My meal arrived and it was a beast! Mushroom risotto with grilled chicken breast, with cherry tomatoes and garlic bread.

I've had this dish before so i knew what to expect. It was super creamy, delicious. Exactly what I needed after fasting for so long!

There was so much of it I had to leave a little for my Dad to try, I'm glad he helped me out a little as i'd otherwise never had managed! There was definitely no room for pudding, regardless of how good it looked!

Once the plates were empty it was time to head home. I fell asleep pretty much immediately. I didn't have much sleep ( 2hours) the night before so the food consumed set me up like a baby for a good afternoon nap! I slept most of the way home.

Now it's time for a cup of tea and a little edit of tomorrows YouTube video before I settle down for the Brit awards!

Speak tomorrow,
Love you lots!


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