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Hello I'm Clo! 

Today I went for my University interview at the UCA Epsom campus in Surrey. My tummy rumbled throughout my interview as I couldn't eat or drink before leaving as whilst traveling with something in my belly it makes me sick. Leaving at 6 it was a long time until I had something to nosh on! The whole thing at Uni lasted 3 hours. When i came out I met up with my parents and went for a spot of lunch.

We drove up the Epsom Downs and headded to a Beef Eater.

I was super, super hungry and thirsty so I ordered away! My parents had already spent time in a coffee shop killing time before coming to meet me so they both ordered light meals, without drinks; they're all coffeed out!

I was soon to get a large glass of water and ice and sip away, there really is nothing worse than having an early morning start with a sore throat and being without water. It's really odd how I can't eat and drink on my way to places, I'm usually fine on the way back home but it's always better to be safe than sorry! I thought i'd have grown out of my travel sickness by this age, perhaps I'm not old enough yet!

We ordered a starter plate of Nachos to start with and share all together. I can't believe people eat all of that by themselves as a starter!
They were yummy and the melted centre bit was just the best!

Very randomly the sauces plate arrived way before any of our main meals did. My Dad was very disappointed there was no brown sauce. The waitress even told us how they don't have brown sauce.

After the sauces had sat a little while the main courses arrived. My Dad opted for a lite bite gammon, egg and chips. Mum had a steak and chips, also from the lite bite menu that came with some sort of unusual sauce that we couldn't quite figure out what was in it...

Here's a picture of the sauce...

My meal arrived and it was a beast! Mushroom risotto with grilled chicken breast, with cherry tomatoes and garlic bread.

I've had this dish before so i knew what to expect. It was super creamy, delicious. Exactly what I needed after fasting for so long!

There was so much of it I had to leave a little for my Dad to try, I'm glad he helped me out a little as i'd otherwise never had managed! There was definitely no room for pudding, regardless of how good it looked!

Once the plates were empty it was time to head home. I fell asleep pretty much immediately. I didn't have much sleep ( 2hours) the night before so the food consumed set me up like a baby for a good afternoon nap! I slept most of the way home.

Now it's time for a cup of tea and a little edit of tomorrows YouTube video before I settle down for the Brit awards!

Speak tomorrow,
Love you lots!


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