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As a beauty blogger there is only so much reviewing and writing you can do until things get predictable and repetitive. I like to spice it up and re-jig it once in a while and try new things, visit new places and write about different topics.

Today is one of those days! After finishing work at 3 this afternoon, my mum and I headed over to  Malvern to see a fellow lingerie boutique owner and pretty much compare our pants! Once we'd caught up with our friend we asked where was good to go visit and eat. We were recommended a little home wares and gift store 'Rhubarb' that was just up the hill from where we were visiting.

It's so nice to take some downtime, something I don't experience often. Having limited time to relax and explore you really do enjoy it all the better! I'm so glad Rhubarb was recommended to us. It's one of those magical stores where everything catches your eye and you really just want to buy it all!

I bought two small things from this Independent boutique as a little middle of the month treat! They were wrapped up for me in sweet tissue paper and with a 'Rhubarb' Great Malvern sticker in a Rhubarb purple.

The first little goodie I picked up was a lovely little book with lots of photography tips entitled
' Lonely Planet's Best Ever Photography Tips.'

There are 45 little tips in this book, which is mini size! Ideal for popping into my handbag when i'm on the move! I have a really good camera yet one year after buying it, I still have no idea how to use it! Hopefully this will help me out and improve my photographic skills.

It's one of those books that is captivating, yet informative. Not too many pictures and not too many words! The perfect balance. At just £4.99 i popped it in my 'To Buy' pile as it was the last one left i assumed it was fate! (haha!)

After picking up the photography book, I wondered round the store and had a look at some of the other books they had to offer. Then I found this;
'How to be Adored'
 A girls guide to Hollywood Glamour

I just love little books like these, I love books in general but they're even better when they're kitsch and small! This little pink girld guide to glamour book is pink all over with raised red flowers to add a girly effect.

This book talks personality, fashion, style, effortless beauty and it girls throughout the ages. I'm looking forward to reading this one. Little snippets of information as and when I require it. The book is about 10cm high and was £4.99 jam packed full of information, better than any magazine and completely timeless!

After my great experience in the store mum and I went for coffee and yum-yums. I could only eat half as i was so full!

It was nice to take a few hours out for some down time!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Have a great weekend all!

Lots of love,

Clo :- ))

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