Ashish, I'm In Love.

Ashish, I'm In Love.

Hello I'm Clo!
So it's Milan fashion week and I'm hooked on
I missed out on all the other fashion weeks due to work, so this week I'm making an extra effort!

Take a look at some of the Images below and let me know in the comments below what you're liking and why! Remember this is the A/W 2014 collection; will you be braving this outfits in winter?

 These pieces, to me, scream Carrie Bradshaw meets Carrie Diaries. Lena Dunham fantasy world meets Lena Dunham Golden Globes.

"IT’S time to dig that prom dress back out, Ashish is on the rampage with them for autumn/winter 2014 and in true Ashish style, they’re loud and proud with plenty of froufrou, lace and his signature lashings of sequins.  In fact, these were the sort of princess dresses that we no doubt dreamed of wearing when we were younger but reimagined through a Lily Allen lens, streetwise and urban as they were and followed promptly by be-bowed jumper-and-jogger ensembles. But it’s this mix that makes Ashish so much fun. Each season, the designer takes a theme and plots his sparkly tongue-in-cheek attack." - Vogue's Jessica Bumpus.

Days are gone. The Juicy C tracksuit is no more this is its replacement and we're loving it. Gone are the on trend velour days and in are the Ashish two piece and platforms. Embellished with beads and flowers it's taking feminine to a whole new level.

I'm loving the prom dress vibe! Who said pink couldn't be worn in winter!? It's very out there but for a special occasion or a bravado 20 something it could work.

This chromatic look is the transition from the space themed prints and galaxy inspired fabrics to this current season. Although this is A/W this look and colour is very much in now! The colour is eye popping and rich.

The platforms gibe it a 2014 urban edge and balances out the bright pink ballgown. The platform trainers give the dress a tom boy look and feel. Rebellious.

Let me know what designers you're loving in the comments below!

Lots of love!
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