Blogger Stationary : Hello I'm Clo

Blogger Stationary | Hello I'm Clo

Hello I'm Clo!

Today the video version of this post went live - Yay! See the Hello I'm Clo video here

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"Today I’m talking about my brand spanking new stationary that I’m fan-girling over, it’s ridiculous. I’m 18 and still in ore of a bit of paper and a few pens and perhaps throw in a folder if I’m lucky.

I’ve always had a love for stationary. One of my earliest memories is filling through the reduced box at Ryman’s picking out the 10p sharpeners and pencil cases to sell to my friends from my desk at school for triple the price. Entrepreneurial spirit right there my friends! "

It's sooooo cute! Take a little look :- ))

Love you lots,

Clo :)

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