C'est la vie

Piss poor preparation. prepares for piss poor performance. 
Today is one of those days, I've got an awful lot on. I'm back home, arrived late feel tired and drowsy. I feel disappointed by my lack of preparation and overall performance at work today. i'm now faced with slow Internet speeds and no preset blog post; I'm panicking.

Why is it we put so much pressure on ourselves yet no pressure on the preparation. I in a way wish I didn't have so much on so I could streamline, define and get things done. I wish I had all the time in the world to read all the beauty books and fashion books I have. To educate myself, to learn and to share with you all. I really want to better my writing skills and develop more as a blogger and expand on my current knowledge and editing and YouTube.

Isn't it funny how we can plan and schedule the most things, yet the life we're living often gets in the way of life.

I need to be locked away for a week ,to concentrate solely, perhaps even in solidarity and figure out what they really want to write about. I know I want to write about hair, beauty, make-up and fashion but I want it to be different. I want to be stand alone .I want to provide something more than just lipgloss and skirts. I'd love to share views, ideas and thoughts and develop things. I want to find a voice and give the opportunities to others. 

I'd like to be part of an ever-growing, ever thriving community of love and friendship. Not shallow or driven by trivial celeb matters. I want to be part of a real world.

Well that got deep in escalated quickly.

Thank god for Siri that's all I can say. Speaking thoughts into my phone for blog posts really does make things easier.

Perhaps it's the sleep deprivation talking but reading that back it doesn't seem too bad.

I will at some point get my shit together and get sorted.

In the meantime I'm off to bed, Love you lots, Clo :- ))


On a plus note I'm about to hit 35,000 twitter followers yay!!!

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