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Collection Cream Puff  Lip Colour in Cotton Candy

Recently I’ve been on a collection rampage. This was only highlighted when writing up the ‘What I’ve used’ section on my YouTube videos. Several times now I’ve had to write ‘Collection’ or ‘Collection 2000’ I think the reasoning behind this is the fact that since they’ve dropped the ’2000’ and just become ‘Collection’ cosmetics they’ve rebranded and done some really terrific offers in order to grab peoples attention and show off what they’ve got. I’ve been grabbed. They have my  full attention.

As a make up lover I’m all for finding new products that will enhance not only my personal look but my make up work and all of you guys! I’m very fortunate in the way that if a product or colour doesn’t suit me or work with my skin for whatever reason, I can recommend who it will suit, advice and feature it in a make up review or look on YouTube meaning that product is never, ever wasted.
I’m also a very loyal brand supporter. If I like one product just like I did with collection, I’ll try another, then another and won’t stop until I’ve bought everything on offer and eventually the whole collection. Think Tanya Burr and her mac foundation collection. That’s me with budget brands.

When the collection £2.99 offer came on at boots, I was in make up haven. I purchased loads! Which I featured in my most recent boots bargain make up haul (See here) Not only did I grab myself a bargain, I also clocked up a fair few boots points too.
One of my lipgloss / balm / cream / lipstick buys was of course my cream puff in the colour cotton candy.

The cute cloud design packaging caught my eye, so did the size. It’s a handy pocket compatible size that fits between my thumb and third finger I’d say about 9cm high. The packaging is the same, exact colour of the lip cream and is subtle yet still has a girly feel. The applicator has a black top which holds the barcode details and the colour name and number.

It’s a demure pink colour, can be worn for any occasion. Add a gloss over the top once sealed for a glossy night out or wear matte, like intended throughout the day, on a day trip or out for lunch with friends. It’s in no way overpowering yet provides uplift and adds a little life to your make up look.  The colour does not absorb quickly, yet fits beautifully within the lip line when applied with care and attention. The colour does transfer onto cups and bottles, yet what else do you expect from a lip colour?

I think I’ve found my new everyday staple lip product (Yay!) It’s easier to apply than a lipstick and is not so harsh or difficult.

The nib is about 1cm high and slanted for precise application. It’s firm, hard and solid and once removed from the tube has enough lip cream for one application, there’s no mess or faffing involved. I’m sold. Unlike other products there’s no extra gloop or product spilling out which, combined with the size makes it a perfect on the go product.

Stake the claim
Velvety soft matte finish lip cream, It is very soft and very nourishing. When I first tried it out I was on my way to work experience at the theatre and had been caught short without any lip balm, this was in my pro kit so I whacked it on as it claimed to have a moisturizing feature. It got me through 30 kids in an hour under a lot of stress and anxiety and lasted all through my afternoon shopping spree. A thumbs up from me (Y) there was no dryness or feeling of pain, like I do without a lip moisturiser.

It feels matte, no sticky feel or jagged edge feeling. Smooth and controlled.

At £2.99 on offers periodically throughout the year, it’s a steal. Even at usual full price it’s under a fiver. If you, like me want to use this as a daily product it is still an amazing price. It’s well worth it as at the end of the day you’re getting two products for the price of one.
1. Moisture 
2. Colour

I will be purchasing this lip cream from collection again and can’t wait to try their other colours they have to offer.

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments below if you have a favorite lip product from collection and whether you’ll be trying out the lip cream!

Speak tomorrow,

Lots of love,

Clo : -))

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