Collection Volumising Waterproof Mascara Review | Hello I’m Clo

Collection Volumising Waterproof Mascara Review | Hello I’m Clo

Hello I’m Clo!

Today I’m doing a review post on the new, recently released Collection Volumising Mascara.

This mascara was recently featured in one of my YouTube videos ‘Boots January Make-Up Haul.’ I picked it up from high-street, drugstore, boots for £2.99 on special offer, it’s usually £3.99 which is still a great price for a multi use mascara.

This is what Collection Cosmetics had to say about this new addition to their eye make up collection.
“Give your lashes that extra waterproof va va voom!
“This high impact mascara comes with an extra large wand to thicken and separate lashes ensuring every lash is coated evenly for up to ten times more volume.”
10 times lengthening is a pretty impressive claim! Let’s delve into the mascara, let’s do a breakdown and see what it’s like; will it match the Collection marketing hype?

The Collection Mascara is easy to spot on the shelf, it’s an orange colour in a thick mascara container with a flat bottom so it can be self standing. Be careful not to get it confused with the non-waterproof mascara, which also looks very similar.
It’s not going to win any awards for the look of the packaging but it’s not about the packaging it’s what’s inside is the important bit!
The waterproof mascara has blue font on the packaging, the non-waterproof has a black font. Think waterproof, think blue.
It’s a screw top, with plenty of room for your other hand to hold, whilst you unscrew. Easy screw top.
“Get More Volume! Extra volumising waterproof mascara for a big night out!”

Collection products frequently are available throughout the year in offers and discount deals such as the current £2.99 deal at boots, usual price £3.99, as I’ve previously mentioned in this post £3.99 is a great price for a mascara, that’s lengthening and waterproof, you’re pretty much getting three products in one.

Application Wand
The application wand, is, as described extra large and thick. I’d describe it as ‘Chubby’ and takes time to pull out of the tube, as you pull, it removes any excess mascara to make sure the application is even for the length and well balanced colour wise.
The brush is well designed. When held up to bright lights you can clearly see the short, sharp bristles (Soft when you apply) that will capture all your lashes to make them stand out and to lengthen them.

Oddly, when you open the screw top, it smells like wet paint. Totally random, yet thought I’d share. Perhaps I’m thinking and smelling too much about this.

The mascara is easy to apply and already creates even looking eyelashes on both sides.  It gives a longer lash appearance and is fast drying, great for on the go application. The actual mascara liquid / solid is not directly seen due to the tight packaging and the compact ‘Chubby’ brush.i.e it doesn’t spill everywhere or make a mess! RESULT!

My top lashes with mascara on, my bottom ones do not require it.

(Yes, that is a real word!)
I have to be completely honest here. I’ve cried a lot this week (See my related post why) and whilst crying, it just so happened that I was wearing this mascara. It did not budge. My lashes remained lengthened, well set, clear and clean. The only noticeable thing was the sheer little bits that had fell from rubbing my eyes. Nothing major, totally fixable by using a sweeping motion with a fan brush when the skin was dry. It was super. I was, very impressed. 

I don’t consider myself a crier, I’m more of a dancer, which leads me onto my next point; This mascara is perfect for warmer climates and hot and stuffy places a young person, like myself may find themselves in i.e clubs, pubs, bars. When it gets hot and you dance and move, your make up sometimes does run, especially if you haven’t set it with a powder! This waterproof mascara won’t be going anywhere. I think someone could throw a drink in your face and it wouldn’t budge. I’m not trying it though!

If you already have a favourite mascara use a clean mascara brush and use this mascara to lock in the lashes and make them waterproof to hold the look of your current lashes. Because of this don’t use the brush that is provided by Collection otherwise it’ll try and grab your already mascaraed eyelashes and they could potentially become clumpy.
Mascaras in general can often be applied and look a little clumpy, the best thing to do in those situations is simply wait until the lashes dry and take a lash comb and simply comb through in an upwards motion which will remove all of the lumps and clumps – it’s that simple!

Summary of Collection’s Volumising Waterproof Mascara
I wouldn’t say it’s 10 times lengthening but it’s a lovely budget product, that does add length, that gives a sensitive look instead of a harsh one, especially on blue eyes like mine. It gives a defined eye, yet soft edges look and is a shade of black that doesn’t darken your eye colour, like many others.

I would buy this product in future at full price and would recommend it to friends.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, if you did let me know in the comments below!

Speak tomorrow, love you lots! 

Clo : -))

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