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Hello I'm Clo! Today is all about the upload schedule.

Hi guys!
It's February and in February I'll be starting lots of new and exciting projects that I hope you'll like too.
Filming schedule wise, I've had a love hate relationship with. I like the idea of knowing what's going on when, yet dislike the lack of spontaneity and the idea that with a filming schedule you could feel pressured into creating content that you're not 100% happy with and isn't as fun as you'd like. That being said I've put one together, one I know I can achieve. It'll bring a little order to the 'HelloI'm Clo' YouTube channel. It will also allow space for me to breathe and to keep the fun and spontaneity alive!

Monday will be 'MakeUp Monday' where I'll feature either a make up tutorial, tip or trial video.

Tuesday Is a spontaneous day, which allows for any vlogs I may have, or any collaboration videos. If I don't have a video I specifically want to film such as an offer video that is time limited so you guys don’t miss out on the offer, I'll be uploading a 'How to Tuesday' where I'll be discussing make up application, hair and recreations of looks such as period hair or 80's make up.

I am so stoked about Wednesdays. What better way to celebrate the middle of the week than to have a random, whacky 'Weird Wednesday' Weird Wednesdays are a fun little addition to the seriousness and professional beauty, hair and make up application and look videos on the Hello I'm Clochannel. They're designed to try out all the random beauty claims and myths. There are some DIYs and some totally CRAZY looking concoctions that I try, for your benefit. It's a great way to discover new beauty treatments and DIY home made remedies, without having to do them yourself! Try before you buy if you will!

Thursday is a free flowing day too, 'Thursday Thoughts' will see reviews and thoughts on new beauty concepts, ideas and make up products. It’ll be a more talky, talky video than a make-up tutorial and it’ll just be like having a chat over the internet, with a cup of tea.

Wait. If you have tea and I have tea, that’s exactly what we’ll be doing!

Fashion Friday. I do love a little alliteration. All fashiony goodness will be live on a Friday it may be an Outfit Of The Day (OOTD) or a trend video, style tips or a clothing haul or perhaps a review.

Saturday and Sunday
Saturday and Sunday are left for tag videos, advice, Q&A and allows two full days for guaranteed spontaneity a week! These free days also give you chance to shout about what you want me to film, as I’ll be able to pop them on a Saturday or Sunday! Awesome.


My blooper, favorites and empties videos will not be affected! On some days there will be more than one video uploaded, you lucky, lucky people!

I hope you all like the look of the schedule. You are now fully aware of what you’re in for!
If you want to get updates on each video be sure to sub to Hello I’m Clo here!

We’ll speak tomorrow,

Love you lots,

Clo :- ))
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