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Hello I'm Clo!

Today I'm telling you about my exciting news, as the Title is oh such a spoil alert. I have indeed got into university!

It is honestly one of the most liberating things I have ever experienced, finding out that you've got into university was for me, like many others a very big deal. It gives you structure to your near future and helps you on the path you want to follow. University is in no way the be all and end all of life. Just 6 short months ago I would have told you how I had no intention of attending or even applying to university. It just shows how times can change! 

I don't really know how I came about thinking of going to university, my friends were discussing it and busily applying away. I currently study make up specialising in theatrical and media make up which I simply adore. Although I love doing what I do, I don't feel I'd gain enough from it, if I were to study at university level so that course was crossed off the list. I gave it all a thorough think through and realised if there was something I was interested in and wanted to pursue; the time waas now to do it whilst I still have youth on my side. That was that, once the seed was planted I was on the hunt for something that would encapsulate me and enthrall me.

After researching on UCAS one day on my Iphone, Soya mocha in hand, sat in Starbucks between lessons I really started to but down some ideas. I knew I wanted to be involved in fashion, with aspects of beauty thrown in so I could use my previouslt leartn knowledge and I wanted to use my developped media skills. One this was for sure; I can not draw and didn't fancy sewing things all day.

Figuring out what I did and didn't want to do actually really helped me during the selection process.
I then decided I would only be willing to go to University in London. Why? As my workload increases I am forever beening drawn to London. It makes sense for me to be close, no good being in Scotland and having to commute! #nightmare

With all this in mind, I wrote down the courses that were available within those parameters and UCASs threw up 12 courses. It took me 10 minutes and by the end of my coffee i'd decided what i would study and where. This may all seem a little quick or a little whimsical but I tend to make decisions very quickly when it comes to important things I, more often than not, have my shit together. (Unless it's about boys or my subway sandwich, that's a hard one!)
I firstly removed all the topics I had no interest in, then ordered them in order of preference and then I was left with one subject which combined my top two fashion topics; Fashion management and Fashion marketing. A course with both of these topics on? I was sold. I applied to one university, had one interview and landed one offer on the condition of passing my current course. It's all so perfect, I'm very pleased! Did I mention they have 4G I AM SO THERE #happening.

This Uni is the only specialist and is the only one to combine the two courses in the UK. I feel very privileged.

So I'm off to study Fashion Management and Marketing in London! Yipeeee I'll be carting my life down there in September, just in time for my 19th Birthday!
I'm very, very pleased. I can't wait to learn and develop and of course have a rad time in the world of fashion!

Let me know if you too are going to Uni and what you're wanting to study!

That's it for today, speak tomorrow,
Lots of love,

Clo :- ))

Today's Make-Up video! Bronze eye make-up just in time for the spring season!

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