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So late last night I found myself browsing through the channels on the TV to find something to watch before going to bed when I came across 'Body Shockers' by Katie Piper on Channel 4.

What the 'Body Shocker' show is about people get and regretting their tattoos and piercings, cosmetic surgery and other ways people try to 'enhance' their look, yet really, really regret it in the long run. 

After one episode I was hooked and I spent today, my day off, watching the re-runs on my IPad. It was actually very relaxing. Except for the gory surgery bits, I'm not too relaxed during those clips!

It was really insightful to see all the procedures that are available nowadays. With the advance  forward in technology in the past 10 years, procedures are being created to enhance and others to hide peoples childish, rebellious and foolish mistakes.

I really admire Katie Piper (Google her) I think she's a really really strong, independent woman and she's a really big inspiration to lots and lots of teenage girls and lots of young women. We live in a society where we feel pressured because of the media to look a certain way. We feel we need to stand out, be radical and look like we've stepped off the front cover of Vogue.
Katie had acid thrown at her, yet she is still one of the most attractive presenters on our television screens. Her inner strength shines through and she's the perfect, pinnacle example of body confidence and how to turn a bad situation into a better one.

What I found  most amazing of all was how people were so willing to change their body, despite risks even though sat in front of them was Katie who through no fault of her own had acid thrown in her face.

How are you sit there and say that you are going to modify your body and that there are potential risks involved including your own life. It is just so bizarre Katie's had over 200 operations and she shows some things can't really be fixed so why would you put yourself through something that you choose to go through!?
WHY. How can you sit there and abuse your body in this was when you have the choice to beexactly how you are!?

Perfection is, like I always say, completely overrated.

From botch boob jobs to stretched ears, to ripped stretched ears, tattooed bodies, hair extensions falling out and making people go bold; it is all in this series including drunk tattoos on nights out and tattoos in the most odd unusual places.

It was good to see on TV people who've had body modifications and now regret them speaking to people who potentially were going to get work done. Most people were very shocked by what they heard but I don't think it really change their opinion on anything; which just shows how stubborn and self absorbed we are.

I think shows like this should be shown in schools. From a young age so from about 11 years of age. It teaches you to love yourself  for who you are not and not to change in order to be noticed or seek attention. It also shows the consequences of your actions and how costly and how mentally damaging it is to reverse something you chose.

I highly recommend watching it. It is really insightful, at times funny and it really does hit home how crazy our societies have become and how people's mindsets are completely off in a fairy land.

It also shows you to really think about your life and how body modification will change your life. I know somebody who just get tattoos and in 20 years time will regret them and she's only getting tattoos in order to hide the fact that she's got serious self  belief problems, low esteem and is desperatly trying to hide the fact that she doesn't like what she sees in the mirror. By inking up she feels she's in control. It couldn't be more opposite.

It's crazy to think that people are willing to go under the knife in order to  make others happy, boyfriends, friends and members of the public they don't even know.
Why on earth would you change yourself in order to make other people feel better that's just ludicrous, barbaric, completely crazy! you have to be happy with you!  Be happy in your own skin! To feel comfortable you need to love yourself. If there's one thing I've learnt from past boyfriend it's definitely not to change for somebody else because you end up me being miserable, sad and in the long run end up loosing who you are in order to make others happy. Put YOU first.

In my opinion people would be much better getting a gym membership and going down the gym letting off some steam and getting fit at the same time. Less body issues, healthier people, happier people.

That is my rant for today ladies and gents!

Here is the link if you want to watch the show!

Love yourself as much as I love you!

Love you lots,

Clo : -))

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