Little Girl Dresses Up In Celebrity Red Carpet Looks

Little Girl Dresses Up In Celebrity Red Carpet look

Hello I'm Clo! Today I'm talking about something that has gone viral and for all the right reasons! This isn't a booty-popping in the club vine or a Miley Cyrus esque omegle wrecking ball video or even a laughing donkey. This, is a 4 year old girl who likes to play dress up.

"A four-year-old, whose name appears to be Mayhem, is causing just that on the internet this morning, as fashion fans swoon over her copies of catwalk and red-carpet dresses, made by her mother Angie." - Vogue UK

I think dressing up when young is how we develop and begin to identify who we are, our likes and our dislikes. This girl has really gone for it; a 'duper' in the making or perhaps stylist or dress designer. But most of all it's cute to see children being children and not being pushed into too much too young. We live in an age where it's hard to just be a child, play have fun and not be too influenced by pop cultures behavior or what influences us in the media.

Note how this little girl is very classy, there is no scantily glad outfits. This little lady has chosen role models and has got a little thrifty and creative in order to create these looks.
 Lupita Nyong'o's Ralph Lauren Golden Globes gown was another subject for Mayhem and her mother. - Vogue UK

My favourite look is the Katy Perry dress. It was so elegant and chic, princess like and 'Mayhem' has certainly won our hearts with her princess esque look!

It really does look like 'Mayhem' had lots of fun re-creating these looks. A very refreshing post I feel! She'll definitely have something to talk about at school on Monday.

Talking about re-creating looks....
Here is todays video! It's a quick OOTD!

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