My life is totally mental : Hello I'm Clo

Hello I'm Clo!

My life is totally mental,

Wow what a reality check this year has been so far! Wow.

Yesterday I was in London having a blast, exploring, trying new things and meeting new people, today I'm at a bus stop next to a bunch if kids talking about their next splif.
It's hard to think one moment I'm business entrepreneur, a doting granddaughter, make up trainee and blogger enthusiast and within minutes, sometime moments I have to switch. From business meeting via phone in the car on the way to college to jumping off and on trains for business yet doing coursework whilst on the way. It’s a total mind mess and I’m living it everyday.
Luckily due to my enthusiasm for fashion, make up and media everything somehow interconnects and makes sense. Blogger mode is forever the same, I blog about everything, I think that's what keeps me sane!

Yesterday was a day if inspiration, of aspiration, a show of what part of my split lives has to offer. Traveling about, thinking the sky's the limit. Now I’m in a grotty bus stop; I consider the sky's limit for my peers, the people around me and the other people my age. I can't stress enough how busy my life is without letting you all live it, which, due to the age we live in I can share on YouTube with an edit here an edit there and a press of the big 'upload' button.
It's like I have split personality disorder, yet contradictorily stay true to my core love of fashion and beauty. It's just my job considering my grand old age of 18 and lifestyle that's different. Business is something that has been part of my life for a very long time, I have that drive, that hunger, that passion for change, opportunity and living. I refuse to be pigeon holed into a box, to follow suit or be generic. There are days where I want to just be an 18 year old girl who sings in her bedroom and goes our dancing or stays in sleeping (Boy I need it! ) but as I grow older and the passion thrives I no longer want to follow suit. I want to create new experiences, ones that I am now finding my peers are not interested in at this time, they feel they can’t break the life cycle they’re in, peers are frightened of failure or even worse, success. My mindset is forever changing and with rapid growth for I’m Sorry What Did You Say I feel It’s imperative for me to go out there, live life and share it for those who need that little piece of inspiration.   

So expect more vlogs and youtube videos of EVERYTHING!

Those are just some thoughts for today,

Love you lots

Clo : -))
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