Nail Bitingly Nervous : Hello I'm Clo

Nail bitingly nervous.

This post was written in stages, before and after hence the tense diversification.

Hello I’m Clo!

So I’m a little nervous. Not because I’ve had exams today or the fact that I have to dodge city traffic for a meeting without yet knowing what method of transport I’m going to take but for the fact that I’m about to get my nails done. OMG.

I’ve never had my nails done before, which makes me nervous and I also can’t have gels which I requested, because apparently it isn’t a gels day and lastly and the thing I’m most nervous of all about, is the fact that the person doing my nails hasn’t yet finished their training. I’m literally taking a nail biting leap of faith with someone I’ve never met who I am allowing near my paws for the perfect set of nails. I’ve booked through college so it’s all a-ok. I thought I’d show my support to my fellow beauty and nail students by volunteering myself as a guinea pig to help pass their assessments. Aren’t I nice.

I’ve just made the whole situation worse over a cuppa tea whilst I wait by biting my nails. FMl.
Ahhhh got distracted by twitter and now running late- not good!

A little while later.....

Well to put it lightly; she butchered them. They are a mess!

I did end up having gel overlays, which is basically a gel coating over the natural nail to colour and protect them as appose to gel extensions which make the nail longer. 

They cleanse your nails, push back your cuticles and prep your nails for the treatment. They then apply a nail primer and carry on applying gel layer by layer hand by hand you pop each hand in a dryer whilst the other one is painted. Once the gel has been built up and is fully dry you select your colour and they apply the colour gel in the same way an artist paints their canvas. 

The colour is bright pink with sparkle, a colour theme we’ve selected for K’s funeral. There’s a bit of a raucous theme going on so the nails are perfect for the occasion and match my Iron Fist Pink Friday boot/ wedges.

So once my nails had been all sorted and finished I had some time to reflect.
I wasn’t impressed or bowled over.

I think the worst of it was as she’s a college student so I had to fill in an evaluation form right in front of her, so couldn’t tell her what I really thought. There are gaps between my non existent cuticle and the colour of the overlay. I did highlight this to the tutor and she selected one nail that needed some extra loving TLC, in all fairness about 7 nails did as this picture clearly shows.

Not only did she make no attempt throughout the treatment to communicate but she demanded instead of asking when it was time to switch hands and pop them In the dryer.

It was done very quickly, I wouldn’t say rushed, she did take her time it’s just a case of more practice is needed, after all she is a student, yet that is no excuse for shoddy finishing on the tutors side, she should have stepped in.

I was so very envious of the other girl across the room having her nails done as the student she had was fun, chatty and created thee most amazig nails. Very gel. Get it ? GEL!?

Well, that’s it girls and guys, my first nail experience was not top notch however, I love the pampering feeling and you have to try everything at least 5 times to see if you like (The nails that is) only next time I’ll have a different nail technician!

I hope you know a little more about the process now as I didn’t know anything when I rocked up to the appointment!

Let me know if you liked this type of post and why,

Speak tomorrow,
Lots of love,

Clo : -)

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