OMG That's Crazy! : Hello I'm Clo!

OMG That's Crazy! : Hello I'm Clo!

Hello I'm Clo and today i'm letting you into a secret... I was just about to turn out the lights and go to bed when I realized i hadn't posted a blog today! OMG I know, not very good for a daily blogger! So out of bed i popped and put on a little Lana Del Ray to get me through it! (I love it really!)

Because everything is a little crazy at the minute I thought i'd give you an insight into what's really going on in my life so that you guys fully understand why there's a serious lack of beauty posts and make up how tos!

Being in London so much in the beginning of the month has really thrown me! It knocked my filming and blogging schedule and made everything manic, crazy and made me tired. I'm now really suffering at the moment with my artheritis in my left knee after doing so much work and travel stuff, which has started to slow me down which I think will turn into a double edged sword. I'll be sat still because of the pain, yet not able to get out there and have some fun!

I'm up to my eyeballs in editing. Interviews and insights into the fashion industry, yet i'm disappointed that due to the lack of filming over the last few weeks i've got no prepared content for my usual upload daily schedule, so please bare with me; there will be daily content just perhaps not the usual content!

Work wise is 100% mental to the point of exhaustion. Every moment is just go-go-go.

College is really weighing me down. The amount of stuff you need to learn is vast. I'm a perfectionist which is honestly no help! I dot my I's and cross my T's which makes me fuss and faff over the slightest detail. I want to know it all or not at all. I'm actually thinking of incorporating my revision notes into youtube videos to help us all out!

My days appear to slip away and just simply disappear. The week i have off from College is filled up with appointments, meetings early travel schedules and hospital appointments in awkward times and locations.

Lack of sleep is not helping! I have an AMAZE life yet simply do not get enough sleep! With early starts and places to be there's no time for lie ins! #shame. I have a really odd sleep pattern anyway, borderline insomnia.

My acne on my face is under control and looks incredible, my skin is soft, silky and rejuvenated. However, as you'll have all seen the other day I watched a youtube video about spots and wrote about how horrific it all was. Since then i've had a mass breakout on my back which is uncomfortable and irritable. That is the last time I watch one of those youtube videos! What goes around, comes around and all that!

I'm off for my Uni interview tomorrow which I'm looking forward to. They changed the times last minute and didn't tell me which stressed me out and got me all worked up. Ironically i like to be prepared. Ah i'm such a joke!

So my 6am wake up call looms #nightmare. I better stop rambling and go to sleep. I'll catch up with you all soon!

Lots of love and hugs,

Clo :- ))  

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