Sharing my energy with the world : Hello I'm Clo

 Sharing my energy with the world.

Hello I’m Clo!

Something has just popped into my head that I’d thought I’d write down and give a little go. As you know from my LondonYouTube vlog and latest blog post I’ve been in London buying for my Website this week ‘I’m Sorry What Did You Say.’

See the vlog here

My business isn’t something I’ve ever really addressed on my personal blog before and I think the time is right to really have a chat about it.

Here's me with long hair at 16, when my business was called '31B Store'

I started my business 4 years ago when I was 14. Selling clothing, shoes and accessories online. At 16 I was the youngest person in the UK to open a retail store. At 17 I went solely online, closed the retail store and focused on selling In America and Australia. I am fortunate to have created an amazing, truly incredible job, career and company at such a young age.

I'm in the middle!

I started my blog, without telling anyone as a kind of sideline project to pour my downtime into. I wanted to be able to write about anything, yet with a specific focus on make up and fashion, my two greatest passions.  I run 'I’m Sorry WhatDid You Say' alongside my make up course at college. Life is very busy but it allows me to experience so many things, throw me out of my comfort zone and really, really enjoy everything life has to offer!

I never ever thought I’d mention ISWDYS but you only have to Google me to find it, so I thought I’d address it!

With so many bloody AMAZING indie, start up and just generally fabulous brands coming to ISWDYS this year I literally can’t wait to share my passion for fashion, style and trend with the world.

From quirky jewellery, outrageous legging prints and totally mental handbags. You name it, the quirks are there.

Because these are new designers and brands, I feel it only right to share them, their stories and their products with the world. So I have made the decision to showcase any new brands that come to ISWDYS with you here, on this blog. This is in no way a selling promotion. I don’t believe in hard core selling promotion at all – what’s the point!? 

If you like something, you like it. If you don’t, you don’t.

I will, as ever continue to showcase non ISWDYS brands as that’s what I do and love to do as a blogger! 

My business is a part of me and I feel I’d be depriving you all of a part of my soul if it wasn’t mentioned from time to time!

I hope you’re all ok with my little speal. If you’re not ok or have something to say, feel free to email me and we can have a chat!

I really look forward to sharing my indie brand energy with you all!

Speak tomorrow,

Clo :- ))

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