Super Early Make-Up Routine : Hello I'm Clo

Super Early Make-Up Routine

Hello I'm Clo!

So yesterday morning I found myself getting up at the literal crack of dawn in order to go to an inorgral breakfast meeting, then catch a train to London from Birmingham. There was a lot to do and with case packed, clothes ironed (OMG, serious though I was totes prepped) and set out to jump right into I thought I was set for a speed start. How wrong.

I woke up at 5:03 made a cuppa and spent an hour of twitter (OOops!) with 20 minutes to get out of the house it's fair to say I was in a little hurry! I thought, whilst on the train I'd write up a little advice guide for anyone who has to do a fair bit of face altering (makeup) very early in the morning!

Here we go!

Wake up
Get out of bed
Cleanse, tone and moisturize
Make cup of tea
Whilst you wait for it to cool apply primer
Clean teeth
Apply foundation
Pack bag
Apply other stuff to face *tech term alert!* To be more specific...
Prime eyes
Line lips
Add eyeshadow
Line eyes
Add mascara
Fill in lips
Blot lips
Blend Blend Blend some more Get my blending point?
Set with translucent powder

Be snazzy, sassy and dance a little.
Put shoes on and other clothing items ( it's apparently unacceptable to sport a bralett in early February.. Something about snow :P)
Once clothes are on correctly, facing the correct way you're pretty much done, not just for the final step. GET OUT OF HOUSE BEFORE PARENTS SHOUT AT YOU.

So that's my simple step by step guide to doing make up in a rush And how to plan your early morning and make the most of your time. Next week I'll cover applying make up in the dark. Haha, I joke. Have a great day guys, Love you lots!


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