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Where have you been? What are you up to ?

Where have you been? What are you up to? What’s happening girl!?

Hello! I’m Clo and today I’ll be filling you in on where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to. Some of you may not have even noticed that I’d disappeared for a while! This week I’ve been toing and froing from London on a Winter 14 buying trip for I’m Sorry What Did You Say.com and spending time with some fashion industry friends.

I’m back now and boy do I feel it. I’m really tired, my eyes hurt and I have leg pains from walking with a little too much gusto.

This trip has by far been one of my favorites. Ever. I’ve met a ton of new people, seen endless reams of t-shirts, dresses and leggining and done a few interviews along the way.

Sometimes things just feel right and this is one of those times. I’m Sorry What Did You Say is raising the bar! And I’m so happy with the direction everything is going in.

I’ve got some exclusive deals for ISWDYS and have some secret news of my own that I’ll tell you all soon! It’s all very good stuff.

Here are some of the things to expect in my London Vlogs and interviews and some of my personal highlights from my most recent trips!

·      Ed’s Diner
·      Multiple Millie’s Cookies trips (8 if we’re being honest)
·      Big, big Global Babes hats
·      Louise Thompson Pocket London Interview
·      Interview with Ed Page (Mac De Courcy)
·      Many tube journeys
·      Me getting lost in London, more than once!
·      Previews of winter 2014 trends

Check out the videos on my channel here

It’s very fun Vlogging my days away, it’s very strange watching them back.
People think I’m totally mental talking to camera but I’m really getting into the swing of it! Watching them back triggers memories and moments that make me feel all warm and funny. It’ll be so good in years to come to look back on my journey.

Like I said, there will be a London video for the next two days, as well as interviews and other bonus videos! 

Let me know what you think of them too!

Love you lots,

Clo :- ))

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