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Hello I'm Clo!

Today's post is all about my latest purchases from Avon! They had one of their mini sales on and the offers were too good to miss out on. I picked up a few staple bits like lip balm and lipgloss, as well as a foundation to test the colour of, as well as a few everyday bits and pieces to help me on my crusade to get attractive in 2014! (I joke, they're to try out, relax with, pamper and review!)

I am so funny. On to the breakdown! Once again I whacked out my camera to take my own photos as my photographic skills are something I really want to work on, so I can get some real personal product photos and show a product off in the best possible way - it'll also help me out with my fashion photos for OOTDs!

Avon, Almond and Avocado conditioning hair balm. £1.25
Avon, Chamomile and Aloe conditioning hair balm. £1.25
Avon, Violet and Grape seed shine mask. £1.25

I Picked these pots from the brochure as i fancied something new and different, something that I haven't ever tried before. The interesting flavours and combinations captured my attention and I couldn't decide which one to choose. In the end I ordered all three! I'm most looking forward to the shine mask as it'll be a great product to nourish and add a little shine to my hair throughout the summer months.

Avon, Blackhead clearing mask. £2.10

The deep treatment mask aims to deeply clean the facial pores and remove and prevent blackheads. I think it's safe to say we're all in favor of no blackheads! (Yes!) I like the fact it's in a mask formula, giving that extra bit of a 'Pamper' vibe. I look forward to seeing the outcome of this mask, with interest.

Avon, Moroccan Argan Hair Oil. £3.85

A cult hair product that until now, (when it's on offer) I haven't really thought about. My friend G uses this oil on her hairdressing block to nourish it's hair. It smells amazing and really does keep the hair healthy and happy.  If it's good enough for training it's good enough for me! I've previously not focused on my hair so much, as skincare has been more my 'Thing' however it's all got to be worked on so it can look happy and healthy in peace and harmony!

Avon, Colour Trend, Fresh Faced Foundation, Ivory Beige. £2.75

I couldn't believe it when I opened up the bag to see this foundation in the bottom. I'd totally forgot i'd ordered it! This makes is my 4th foundation / base product purchase over the ast two weeks - I'm going crazy! 
I wanted to find out what the colours and tones were like, as I need a super, super budget, good all over coverage foundation in all shades for my pro kit and to test out at college.

Avon Lip Balm, Coral Crush and Fuchsia Flush Pink. £1.35 each.

With lip care currently being at the forefront of my beauty routine I just had to try some tinted and flavored lip balms! I chose colours I wouldn't typically go for, such as corals and fuchsias to add something different to my collection. They're only little so ideal for popping in your handbag or having handy as a spare.

Avon, Colour Trend, Read My Lips 'Berry Fizz' lip gloss. £2.25

I'm currently searching for the pinnical colour for spring summer to fit in with all the trends and become my 'Go to' gloss over the season. Knowing me I'll find the colour in September when we're transitioning into Autumn/ Winter!
One of my favorite colours is purple, so add sparkles and I'm in love. This colour was a must have for me!

I'll let you know how I get on with these products, stay tuned to my YouTube too as I'll be doing video reviews and inorporating some of these products into tutorials and how-to guides!

Speak tomorrow,
Love you lots!
Clo :)

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