Colour On The High Street: Hello I'm Clo

Colour On The High Street: Hello I'm Clo

Today I found myself wandering, without a plan and I ended up in a big, busy high street prowling the shops, seeking inspiration for work and a bit of personal motivation. Fashion is my holy grail, my Beyonce to my Jay-Z. 

It's nice that now summer is upon us, the high streets are again, starting to bloom and come out of their winter shells. Lush have really embraced the upcoming season by splashing quirky and daring coloured prints on their packaging and gift wrap.

It's odd how colour can spark creativity and settle a metaphorical storm.

I can't wait to see the windows and displays for summer! In the mean time you can seek some summery make up inspiration over on my YouTube channel.

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Love you lots,

Clo :)
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