Getting My Hair Chopped Off FT. The Hairdressers Droitwich

Hello! I'm Clo and today i Present:

"Getting My Hair Chopped Off FT. The Hairdressers Droitwich"

This video is very self explanatory! I'd love to share some pictures with you all but I didn't actually take any! Naughty blogger, I know.

That being said my happy snappy mother and her blackberry managed to snap a fair few of me looking gormless and not my best! She uploaded them all the same and managed to tot up 35 likes on my face. What I want to know is why do my own friends not love me that much? as i never get that many likes!?
Mum also posted a picture of a hot chocolate that drew in 24 likes. More likes than my face ever gets :P (I kid you, no actually I don't.)

Here are said pictures:

 The now viral hot chocolate 

 Me getting my barnet chopped.

Chief Hairdresser Joe overseeing the stylist's interview!

 Me and my new hair and overly large head compared to the rest of my body. Avec cute pink jumper. #yolo #funtimes

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Speak tomorrow,
Lots of love,
Clo : -)) <3

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