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Goodbye February! Hello March!
Hello I’m Clo! It’s the end of February so it’s time to review the last month!
* Looks in calendar *

Taken from my Review of January Post:
“Things I’d like to do in February.
Book my trip to Edinburgh.
Get down my mass magazine ‘To Read’ pile.
Release a YouTube video daily throughoutFebruary!
Do more beauty blog / make up blog / fashion blog posts throughout February in stead of all the talky, talky ones I’ve been doing in January as let’s face it – I’ve got enough products to do a daily review for the next year (That’s frightening!)”

I have indeed gone through my ‘To Read’ pile and have even started work on my mood-boards. I’ve blogged and YouTubed daily and have bought an Edinburgh guide book and read Lady Smart’s Edinburgh posts (Very Helpful!) but I haven’t yet booked tickets because I’m not too sure about the train journey as my travel sickness is back L (Sad face)

So onto this month…
February has been a super busy month for me! Here are the good things that have happened this month!

I am now working with a very exciting company in St Tropez in order to promote sun protection to young people. (More info soon!)

I got into Uni

An old childhood friend got in touch and we went out for a very snazzy lunch!

On YouTube I uploaded a video every single day (EEK!) making it my first full month of uploads.

I spent a lot, alotta, lotta time on trains and public transport and spent time in London buying for ISWDYS.

Whilst in London I bagged some really interesting interviews with Ed Page and  Louise Thompson from Pocket London (Louise off Made in Chelsea too, one busy lady!)

I attended a pink themed funeral and halfway through the play out song it said
“Life is shit, so just don’t care” 
We then ended up laughing at the ‘After Party’ eating fish and chips. Then someone tried to fix me up with their son who is, very handsome and wears good shoes.  Mixed emotions that day! #unusual.

Nicky Clarke hair straighteners were added to my collection and as usual, I bought way to much make up, devoured the Avon book and really did go for it seeking out a new foundation. (All things mentioned are all coming up on the blog soon!)

Reading became a staple back in my life. I’m really becoming a book-worm again. Knowledge is key and it’s a great way to educate yourself.

Whilst reviewing the Lingerie collection for Bras 2U I may have got myself an internship with a very large, well know Lingerie brand (YAY!) which would be amazing! Fingers crossed!

Things I’d like to achieve in March:

Get my passport sorted! I’m going away! (Wahayyy!)
Write two make up reviews a week.
Discover somewhere new.
Discover something new.
Film a hair video.
Start writing an online blog for a magazine or online community.
Reach 15,000 Twitter followers.
Start my new series ‘Rediscovered!’
Perhaps start 'A Week In Pictures' post

So there's plenty of stuff to be getting on with this month! Onwards and upwards.  
Write down what you want to achieve this month and you're more likely to achieve your set out goals. 

I don't really know how I can top this month, but i'll give it a good go! 

Speak tomorrow,

Lots of love,

Clo : -))

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