Had A Bad Day : Hello I'm Clo

When you have a bad day.

Hello I'm Clo! Today I'm having a bad day! 

So my day trundled on, I was bored, uninspired and wanted to be in bed watching playlist live and googling bridal make up looks (research project.) I basically wanted to be anywhere but at work listening to radio one. It wasn't even Fearne Cotton so that too harshed my buzz. An accumulation of events, feelings, thoughts and emotions led to this emotional slump and down right boring state. I wasn't in the mood for high fives, twerking in the office or even having a pick me up in the form of a Nescafé Double Chocha Mocha (Nescafé are not sponsoring me!
I'd rather be on a beach sorting out my attitude and lethargic issues but as that is not currently a viable option, I had no choice vomit to continue trying to run through water.

I didn't want to talk to anyone I didn't want to be online and I didn't feel like there was anything to look forward to ( what was I thinking!?  My life is fabulous!

When you're feeling down and out like this the best thing to do is chill the fuck out. Don't worry or stress and don't force a fake smile or force work out of you as the results will be crap and frankly a waste of any effort what so ever!
Kick back, watch a movie or two and re-coup until you feel better. If it lasts longer than a few days talk to friends or go see someone about it. It's most likely a phase that will pass as soon as it came.

Speak tomorrow when i feel refreshed and perky,
Lots of love,

Clo : -))

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