I-G-G-Y gets Fancy with Charlie XCX

I-G-G-Y gets Fancy with Charlie XCX

Hello I'm Clo!

Today i'm talking about Iggy Azalea and her new music video featuring Brit, Charlie XCX the new video 'Fancy' pays homage to the 90's chic flick 'Clueless' and taking on the lead character 'Cher' and it's fair to say It's fabulous. It is incredible. The attention to detail is amazing. This is the sort of project i'd have loved to be involved in! It's so band on, a must watch.

Many people have a Love / Hate relationship with Iggy but I'm definitely in the Love category. There's nothing better than seeing someone achieve what they've set out to and drown out the sound of the haters. 

She's quirky, unusual and 100% real which is probably why some people perhaps don't like her. However! If you're a fashion fan and a 90's babe at heart, you'll be conformed after seeing this latest video installment.

Remember when we all saw Cher's wardrobe for the first time? The moving rails, the style boxed computer that picked all her 90's stamped outfits? 20 years later and we've got our own personal stylist. Our Ipads.

If only we could look so good, hair flick and all whilst working out! The fashion is uncanny and is a total reminder of just how easily we fell in love with the film in the first place!

*Side note. Doesn't Dionne look exactly like Dionne!?

Kudos to the hair and make up team for recreating these looks.

*Pose* Attitude * Pose*

What's weird to think is that Iggy was 3 when this film was released. I was born the same year this film was released and I thought Mean Girls was an oldie!

Everyone wants to attend a party like this one. In real life a house party couldn't be further away from this cool, hippie, down with the dancing portrayal.

With Christian....

The Original Clueless Cast

I'm actually considering doing a Make Up look on Iggy's make up for my YouTube chanel. Let me know in the comments below if you'd like me to do one as the look would be perfect for summer!

That's it for today!
Speak tomorrow, love you lots,
Clo :- ))

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