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Hello I'm Clo!
Keeping Touch, A Journal

On the 31st December 2013 I went out for coffee, pre - New Years Bash and whilst out I picked up a thick, rather heavy journal in which I committed to writing my also heavy, deep and some times lost thoughts throughout the year a head. A timeline in writing, my own life story. It's also travel themed which pretty much sums up my year ahead!

Since then, I've stuck to my word, I've written in it. Admittedly not daily, as that would take up a minimum of 8 pages and wouldn't provide a thrilling re-read of big and impactful moments in my life. I write when I feel i need to, I write about my thoughts, the places i've been and other people who cross my mind or walk on my path of life. 

It's the 17th of March and so far i've written in my Journal seven times. Each time all about what's going on in that moment, at that time. When i re-read it, like I did the other day it occured to me how stuff in the moment and things that happend back then are now just drops in the ocean of life. They don't upset me like they did then and some of the people I wrote about then, don't feature in my life now.

We're constantly developing as people, just like the world around us is. It's a scary thought that you forget what you said or did and it's the words on the paper that remind you of situations and scenarios you were in. 
I can't wait to read my journal in 10 years time and laugh about all the trivial things I've been through that I took as majorly earth shattering.

Writing, actually writing, not typing for me is the very best form of therapy. It gets it all out and once it's out, it may not be over but it's out of my swirling procrastinating brain.

(Whenever I think of 'Diary' or 'Journal' I always think of this scene from 'Girls' Lena makes me laugh so much, each and every time she does the 13 year old girl thing!)

"So what's bought all this up?"

I hear you ask.

Well! I've watched 'The Vow' twice in the last two weeks, which in my mind SCREAMS good film. I recently have assigned down time to films that I can just loose myself in. 'The Vow' not only made me loose myself, it made me cry. A lot, tonnes infact, to the point I had a sticky face and a wet pillow. i bet you all wanted that image!

If you haven't had the privilege to see the Vow, check out the trailer below.

The whole movie made me look at life very differently, you know a movie is a big deal when it makes you think deeply about life. 'The Vow' made me think about my journal and what would happen if I lost all my memories. Bare with me, I know this is deep for a Monday but I wondered how upset I'd be if I re-read all my previous thoughts. I certainly can say I wouldn't want to re-live many of the memories i've written about in my journal. That's for sure.

Be Warned!

Ex Boyfriends and bad friends - Be warned! If i turn up on your doorstep wanting answers and quoting my journal, Guaranteed I've lost my memory or alternatively I've gone bat shit crazy. (Possibility?)

After mulling these crazy thoughts over, I decided that it is a good thing to keep a diary, no matter if you love or hate the things you've written in it. Writing thoughts down is a stress reliever and allows you to get your current pressing matters out on paper without judgement or contradictions. 

If you're struggling with life (We've all been there), Feeling down, or having a hard time. Get a journal and just pore it out. It doesn't need to be spelt correctly, neat or in a perfect diary with glittery bits on it.  Like Nike say, Just do it. 

Love you lots,
Clo :- ))

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