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Hello I'm Clo! 

I'm feeling so inspired right now! My current life situation is just fine, however, the next couple of months are going to be A-MAZING! I'm so pumped for whats going to be happening this year it's unreal! I'm just going for it and am going to stop pissing about and make it happen!

So now I've got that off my chest I'll tell you about one area that i'm really going to be getting into! Whooooo!

Over the past couple of weeks I've been watching 'Hair' on BBC Iplayer (Watch here) It's about untrained hair stylists competing against each other in order to be crowned best British amateur hair dresser. It's totally captivating and their creations are just incredible. I don't really watch much TV as I spend so much time on YouTube, but this is something I make a point of watching each and every week.

There are three rounds in each episode. A style task, a cutting task and a creation task.  Most of the contenders have never cut hair or worked on hair types other than Caucasian or European. I have been really inspired by people willing to give things a go, that they've never tried before. I have hair and wig units in my Theatrical and Media make up course at college but nothing that lets us loose chopping (Or should that be 'Cutting' :P) peoples hair.

As some of you may have seen on my Instagram, last week I was working on wigs for some of my final assessments at college. Granted, I'm not the best hair stylist in the world, my entire hair class will back me up on that for sure! (Week one I had a mishap with the hair dryer and the fan inside it #nightmare)

This is an up do on a lace front wig. 
The curls were created using head then pinned into place, like pin curls, then gel sprayed in order to keep them in place.

After watching 'Hair' I felt that I too, could give it a go! So I popped over to Amazon and primed a pair of basic cutting scissors to try out cutting patterns on my head block to expand my current skills.


Hairdressing Scissors £5.50 from Amazon (See Here)

These scissors will also help me prepare for the course I'm going to be taking along side Uni, it'll be a side line, part time hair dressing course, which will allow me to train to become a fully qualified hair dresser - how exciting! Yay! I may not yet be the best ever hair dresser or hair stylist but i'm sure as hell going to give it a good go! It'll also help me on my Make Up jobs too a two for one package really!

I'm going to continue hair styling and get that to a high standard before I begin cutting hair. One thing at a time! But i know the first cut i'll try is a basic straight cut and build up from their. I have a particular interest in bespoke and abstract hair and  ornamentation and love using finger made curls in looks, like in my wrap and cap below.

I don't yet have any volunteers for having their hair cut; but I seriously don't blame them! I'm going to document my hair progress, so in time to come I can look back on what I've (hopefully) achieved.

I feel as if I've discovered a new found passion and it feels wonderful!
What's your passion? or are you still looking for yours? Let me know in the comments below!

Lots of love,
Clo : -))

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