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Today I'm talking about the very exciting news of Lorde creating her own MAC cosmetics collection that's due out this summer!

"I have loved MAC Cosmetics since I was a little kid. I remember saving up to buy my very first MAC lipstick [the pale pink Snob] at 14, and it was used by about 20 of my friends," said Lorde - whose real name is the rather less snappy Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O'Connor - in a statement. "MAC has a very clear aesthetic that has always felt fashion-forward to me. So I was really excited to work with them on these products, which I use pretty much every day and night. I hope you will too."
This news could not come at a better time for me! The other day whilst out shopping with some friends, we checked out a recently opened MAC counter where I picked up a palette holder for 4 eyeshadows. I bought it on its own, with nothing in it and no intention to buy eyeshadows that day.

I've bought it with the idea of having it in my make up collection as a constant reminder to find the perfect eyeshadow. It may sound odd but I'll try thousands of MAC eye shadows until I can find and create the perfect quad for me. You can just imagine my excitement when Lorde announced she'd created a collection for Mac that will be out June 25th. I love that girls style and her make up for the Brits and the Grammys were both Mac creations. Those deep purples are so my style so if they feature they're going in the quad! Perhaps i'll have a 'Lorde' quad, how the mind runs away with itself.

I'm not on of those girls who dives in buying high end make up on a whim, I like to trial, experiment and think about those expensive purchases; as let's face it, you've got to be sure on the colour if you're spending £13 on it!

The quad was £5.85 and the duo was the same price so I thought I may as well pick up the quad. It came boxed in an official Mac box and is very, very shiny!

Please excuse the photos today! This is a very difficult container to photograph as it's very glowy!

Let me know what MAC bits and bobs you've got and leave me any recommendations in the comments below.

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