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Hello I'm Clo!

Today I'm talking about  what attributes you need to have in order to be a Make Up Artist in different fields. 

Make Up Artist Attributes

The attributes you need to become a successful MUA (Make Up Artist)

·       Punctual

·       Creative

·       Flexible

·       Organised

·       Passionate

·       Able to take instruction

·       Presentable

·       Equipt with appropriate skills and research

·       Positive person

·       Able to take criticism

·       Resourceful

·       Professional and confidential

·       Reliable

Attribute you will require as an MUA in specific industry.


·       A good all-rounder of hair and make up

·       Quick production at a high standard

·       Calm, able to be in control and keep cool under pressure


·       Early mornings and late nights

·       Concentration and continuity

·       Punctual


·       Well versed in the themes and topics / trends

·       Well prepared

·       Multi skilled for possible last minute adjustments

·       Patient

Photographic Make Up

·       Total precision due to flash lighting

·       Listening skills to follow direct and exact instruction from the photographer or photographers assistant

·       Patience, MUAs are required throughout the day for touch ups

To be a self employed / freelance MUA

·       Self motivated

·       Well presented, you are after all a representation of yourself

·       Go-getter attitude

·       Organised and ready at a moments notice

·      Prepared to travel and able to.

So  those are some of the attributes you need to have in order to be a successful make up artist! It's a very tough industry so you need to be able to work hard and be very determined! 
I hope you've found this post informative!

Love you lots,
Clo : -))
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