McDonald's Breakfast and Vogue

Hello I'm Clo! 

Today is a strange old day, I'm super early (3 and a half hours) for college so after a short while in a somewhat empty canteen, I spied what looked like my friend on the otherwise of the room. Me being me and without glasses got it very wrong and it ended up being someone who bored me to tears with a step by step spoken memoir of her oh, so hard life so far, at the grande age of 17 three weeks ago. I was not willing to repeat and graze old ground, so I upped and left. 

I've ended up here. McDonalds. With new April Vogue in hand in willing to experience and try out new things. No, I'm not referring to new fashion things right now, I'm referring to the Mcdonalds breakfast menu. I've seen the ads and tried the pancakes but I've never gone beyond the ever so safe 'boundaries.'  

I ordered a breakfast snap wrap. £1.49 Sausage and egg with red sauce. It comes in a wrap, as the title suggests and is wrapped in cheese, the flat burger type cheese which gives is edge. A twist on a classic breakfast sandwich. 

This is what it looked like in the inside of the wrapper! It at times looked a bit rubbery, but in no way tasted that way. I think it would have been quite bland if there was no sauce. 

I then followed on with something sweet to fulfill my sweet tooth constant craving. I selected porrodge from the savers menu £0.99 and chose syrup as my topping, creamy, sweet and super filling for the busy day and night of shopping ahead! 

This type of breakfast is perfect if you're on the go as it's packed up, ready to go and you have everything you need in one bag. 

It looks like an oil slick but it just needed to be mixed in! 

It's thick, warm and totally satisfying. 
Being in mcdonalds always provides me random perspective on all things life. Very much like the shower, but clothed, with food. 

It's time to settle down, finish off the porridge and dive on into Vogue! It seams like forever since I had my last vogue and it's time to renergize and revitalize my thoughts, ideas and style towards the current spring summer looks and trends! 

Speak tomorrow, 
Love you lots! 

Clo : -))

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