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My Trip To Mac Cosmetics : Video

Hello I'm Clo! Today i'm talking about...

My Trip To Mac Cosmetics : Video

So last month I wrote about my trip to Mac Cosmetic. (Read Post Here) This is the video version of the post which I finally got around to filming over the weekend! I talk about my first impressions of Mac Cosmetics and of course - my new hair! As seen in yesterday's blog post and yesterdays YouTube video!

I'm wearing a super cute Brat and Suzie top in this video, I popped over to their facebook page to let them know and they even responded! I really love Brat and Suzie clothes as everything has an animal sketch or drawing on it , they're fun, cute and quirky! I wear this as a top but it's actually a dress which makes it really versatile.


Love you lots and speak to you tomorrow!
Clo :- ))
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