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Hello I'm Clo!

Hello I'm Clo and today I'm in London, more specifically Knightsbridge! I've spent the day exploring and seeking inspiration, now retiring in Pauls opposite Harrods having a coffee (Soya!) and an apple pasterie. Both are Devine! 


I spent this morning complaining about the fact my face was orange and my neck pasty white and the fact my bronzed contouring was perfect yet too dark. My train was then delayed and then I discovered my emails weren't working all that and my website is still, a week later down. Safe to say I wasn't impressed, happy or optimistic.

I'm in London for the VInspired awards. Which are later this evening. It's going to be a great night honoring the work young people have done through volunteering over the past year, it's an event in very much looking forward to. 

After boarding the correct train at the correct time I found composure and relaxation. Catching up on bits and bobs, odds and ends whilst on the train. When I arrived in London I hadn't got a plan, aims or anything which is very unlike me. I had started to vlog yet got lost in the bustle of the city, lost within the action. 

With time to kill and inspiration to find, I chose Knightsbridge. Harrods, Harvey Nicks and plenty to see. Window displays, art and everything I needed. 

I've wondered and walked for hours ! So hence why coffee and cake is needed! 

It's nice to come somewhere new once in a while, to have a change of scenery and absorb other cultures even if it's only a stones throw away! 

I'm heading back to Harrods after this, to check out their colour haul. It's fabulous, amazing a bacon of light the mac counter is as big as my house. Now I'm not overwhelmed or hyperventilating (yes, that happened) I'll be in a much better frame of mind to seek out what's new! Then I'm off to check out Harvy Nicks after I read a piece about their new 'Go To' woman Stacey Cartwright in The Times some weeks ago she sounds like my kind of entrepreneurial woman

So that's my day- I'll report back when I have more to add! In the mean time have an amazing day, enjoy life and embrace everything !!

Lots of love,

Clo : -)) 

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