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Hello I'm Clo!

I hope you're all having a lovely and relaxing weekend! I have had two major, mega, massive lie ins that have allowed me to recoup after last weeks London antics!

This last week has been a real eye opener into what the year ahead has to offer and just how many opportunities life has to offer that are so close and are ready for the taking.

The VInspired awards blew my mind. (See YouTube Videos here) It was a truly incredible and humble night where people came together to celebrate the triumphs of young people within the voluntary sector. On my very late train home, I really had a think about my time spent in London; part of my day had been spent looking at pure luxury in Harrods, surrounded by wealth and greed. The evening, spent clapping, crying and listening to the stories of some amazing fellow young people who are making change for the better in their communities. They're talking and takling real hard hitting issues of abuse, cancer, religion and riots. These are the people that will front our world in ten years time. Their voices are heard because of this inspirational charity 'Vinspired' and I want to help in any way I can.

It was whilst chugging along on my Virgin train I realised I could contribute. I wanted to the moment I arrived at the ceremony. I felt empowered, inspired and totally ready to donate my time to this community of greatness.
I have skills that I can donate in order to tell the Internet all about these people that should be getting the major recognition they deserve and use the skills I have to help others and make you guys aware of what else is going on in the world, an added source of inspiration if you will.

I've been questioning my content for the past couple of weeks. I want passion. I want to create something more than a beauty blog. My YouTube started to help others and this idea is perfect for that ethos. I don't just want to be 'another' wannabe youtuber. I want my content to be engaging and make you think as well as being fun and quirky. So with all these thoughts swirling in my mind I'm taking a week off! Not literally, don't worry! This week I'll simply be posting VInspired content everyday for the next week from my impromptu filming whilst at the VInspired awards ceremony I shall also blog about the video upload each day. This allows me some time to refresh and replenish my mind and have a good old think about what content I want to create. I know you guys love celeb inspired stuff but I want to keep the balance of real life and real life contributions too. I'm a nerd and I want to create stuff that is technically challenging for me as engaging and enjoyable it is for you. I will obviously continue with my beauty, make up and fashion videos and blogposts too, so don't worry those wont be going anywhere either.

I just want to be more than just another number online. I want to contribute something incredible and give things meaning. I hope you'll all see where I'm coming from! I will, as ever keep you posted.

Lots of love,

Speak soon, Clo :- )) Like, leave a comment and respond :3

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